I need a science fair project idea???? FAST!?

I need a science fair project idea ASAP! It has to do with Biology! Please i need it quick it can be used but has to be first price matireal. I am in the 6th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    when i was in 6th grade, i did a project to see what kind of light was best for plants to grow under. I got a blue colored, a red colored and a standard light bulb. i took three tomato plants and grew each one under a different colored light. your idea is to find out which kind of light is best for the plant. you will prove that the white light (the standard bulb) is best because white light contains all the colors of the spectrum. whearas the blue is only blue and the red of course is only red. i won first place.

    p.s. i grew each one in a different room just by setting them under a lamp with the bulb in it. you would need to block out all other light. you will be able to physically show in the end which plant looks healthier. you will also need to do a little research on light quality.

  • 3 years ago

    very honestly sufficient i additionally had a technological be attentive to-how user-friendly in grade 7 and that i gained first place. this became my undertaking it is extremely proper away forward yet seems no longer uncomplicated to do. you make the main of electrolysis of water. extremely you place electric powered modern-day by way of way of water and this produces hydrogen and oxygen, all you extremely want for this undertaking is a lantern battery or any DC capacity grant, extremely of twine and aluminum foil as your electrodes (or any electric powered conductor that does no longer react with water,oxygen,hydrogen----even concept aluminum does rust it does no longer ensue as speedy as iron ought to so because it is larger--i say this by way of actuality on the risky electrode oxygen is produced and that makes optimal metals rust fairly honestly ), you besides ought to need a container and a couple of smaller boxes that should want for use to seize the oxygen and hydrogen some training: - the better floor section your electrodes have the swifter this works - the closer the two electrodes the swifter it works - do no longer enable the electrodes touch - save checking your battery so as that it does no longer get heat - if your employing a capacity grant any component between 5-30V is stable, yet better importantly the intense the amperage(A,mA) the better swifter you're able to objective this without overheating and burning out your capacity grant - in case you like you may upload some component acidic/uncomplicated to the water and this hurries up the technique - yet i do no longer recommend it by way of fact it motives section chemical reactions;which a million could in all probability no longer assist you get you hydrogen and oxygen, and a couple of must be volatile for you for a great form of concepts approximately this form in electrolysis of water in wikipedia it explains in great component wish this helps

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