How can a single mom with no job make it through Nursing School?

Will have child support but not enough to pay all the bills and rent and gas to even get to school.

I have three kids and want to learn about any programs out there to help me financial make it. I am in Arizona.

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    You may want to check with the Baptist Health System School of Nursing in Phoenix. I cannot say if they are currently or will offer the same tuition opportunity in the future, but they were offering free tuition for students in the nursing program, if they agreed to work with the hospital for a set period after graduation. If so, you could then use that money to defray some expenses. Then obtain federal student loans to assist during your student years.

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    Being a single parent, should help you qualify for many grants. Start by filling out a FAFSA form to see how much aid you could qualify for. I'm a single mom too and I qualified for a lot of grants. What was nice was that I qualified for enough to have a refund each quarter and I used it to help supplement my income. A previous poster suggested using government assistance. I can tell you from personal experience, that I wish that I had done that. I didn't and wound up working 2 jobs while still in school and raising my child. If I had just taken a little help instead of being stubborn, I might not have been as stressed out as I was.

    Another suggestion is to check to see if any of the hospitals have diploma RN programs. There is a hospital here in Cincinnati that actually defers your tuition while you're in school. When you graduate, if you agree to work there for 3 years they forgive your tuition altogether. This would be a way to go to nursing school essentially for free.

    My last suggestion is to check with your state's Board of Regents. You can just google it. Most of the State Regents offices offer some sort of scholarship or loan program for nursing. Here in Ohio they give you up to $3000 renewable for 4 years. Technically it's a loan, but if you work full-time as a nurse in Ohio for 5 years, they forgive it. And I was allowed to use it for tuition, books, etc. Most of it came back to me as a refund each quarter.

    I hope this information is helpful. Best of luck to you!

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    Check into goverment grants

    once you get into the actual nurses program a lot of hospitals are offering to help or to flat out pay if you sign up to work for them for x amount of years,

    if you get that then you can live off you grant

    also check on housing to cut your expenses and there are other govermental aids

    like child care for full time students and food stamps and medicaid for your children

    If you go into the system for a little while you can be of better service to the community in the long run

    good luck I could never be a nurse I'd faint or throw up on a daily basis


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