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My boss won't fire my coworker cuz she flirts with him! how can i get her fired?

She flirts her way out of every thing(crewleader)! My husband is the supervisor but he gets treated like ****! Doe's every ones job! They all sit down and talk away! his boss knows this..but doesn't care. If my husband sits just for break, they all call the boss and tell on him..eventually he gets chewed out for it! They even got me fired! All she had to do wuz flirt with security, and boom they made a faulse report and got me fired! I don't understand..she like 4'7 in hieght and wieghts about 160 pounds and looks like a bug! I just don't know how she does this. But get this our boss is from columbia his wife is from mexico.....all the workers i mentioned are from mexico! Me and my husband are hispanic but surely not from mexico! We where born in the united states. We already noticed ...any body that is not mexican get's fired in a snap of a finger if they make a mistake and always gets replaced with some one he already knows! Some one that is mexican! Every body that is mexican can do no call, no shows as much as they want, they also don't have to work there part very much! If they don't do it ,they don't have too! I know pretty fuked up huh? My husband (supervisor) can't say anything to them! If he doe's.. they always make something up and get him in trouble. The crewleader she sits all night doesn't have to do anything! Only cuz she flirts with the boss!! She sits in the lobby bar watching t.v and giggleing all night! She doesn't have to lift a finger if she does'nt want too! I need some ones advice! This the only job my husband can work! I can't mention why. So as you can see where stuck! Obviously we also wan't revenge! Am thinking of black mailing our boss cuz when they both flirt (boss & crewleader) they flirt in front of the building! Maybe i can take photos when they are grabing each others asses? I don't know any advice would be great! >;D Oh by the way he owns the company!! We just wan't him to start hateing her and get her fired!

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    Whew. Aren't you glad you got all that toxic waste out of your system??? You are sooo angry about so many things....

    The BEST way to handle this - if it is indeed a ligitimate company - is to have your husband go to Human Resources and file a sexual harrassment charge against her. He should tell them that it makes him uncomfortable to watch her flirt with so many men and to engaged in obvious sexual innuendo and activities on site.

    As for you? I would suggest you let the anger go... your anger is going to cost your husband HIS job....

    If she is indeed flirting with everyone, including the boss... FILE CHARGES. If your husband's company does not have a Human Resources department, call the Department of Labor.... they should be able to handle it for him. FOR HIM. NOT YOU. This is NOT your battle any longer.

    If you feel you were terminated unfairly, then file a report with the Labor Board or with the Employment Development Department (the people who give you your unemployment check). Tell them you were wrongly terminated.

    If you have the money to afford a lawyer and feel you were wrongly treated... SUE.

    But be careful. YOUR actions will reflect upon your husband... and WILL cost him his job.... if this is how this company operates, then I am guessing they could care less about what is right.... and will find an excuse to terminate him too... just to get rid of BOTH of you.

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    You were fired because they had to pay you more money then the mexicans chica. They went fishing for anything and found it cause she gave them the bait. If this company is here in the US. I have one word ICE. Call them and they will raid the job. If not well then I dont know what to say. But I can tell you this. Dont do a thing. Karma will come and get her with a quickness. She will piss off one too many and her bug butt will be gone : ). Trust me on that, if not wifey will catch wind of it and she will tell her man to get rid of the trash.

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    Wait till someone else gets hired. Repeat with someone ELSE you don't like. edit: think about it- with you constantly picking up the slack for the new workers, your manager will think of you as "loyal" and a "hard worker". He may even give you a small raise and a "managerial position". In other words, keep up the good work- you've just found an elevator next to the loooooong ladder to middle management.

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    Well this sounds like racial discrimination and you should report this to the store because they are being racist to hispanics that are born here.

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