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Ap Biology? Multiple Choice? 10 easy points?

you are observing a population of lizards when you notice that the number of adults has increased and is higher than previously observed. One explanation for such an observation would include

A. Reduction in death rate

B. increased immigration

C. increased emigration

D. decrease emigration

E. Increased birth rate

Ty and state WHY for you answer

Thx and best answer

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    Answer should be A. Let's go through the rest by elimination:

    (B) increased immigration and (D) decrease emigration can help to increase the overall lizard population but the question states the disproportionate increase in the number of adults. We assume that immigration/emigration involves adults and young lizards, thus they are eliminated.

    (C)increased emigration only helps to decrease the overall population, and thus is irrelevant.

    (E) increased birth rate will only increase the number of young lizards in the short run - for them to be adults, we'll have to wait.

    So the answer is (A). The reduction in death rate means that there the rate at which adult lizards dying is lower, and so we'll have more adult lizards than previously observed.

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    Probably A. They aren't dying off. E doesn't make sense, they are adults.

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