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im 17 and never had a boyfriend!?

ive been asked out by people i havent fancied, and i came close recently to having one but he lied to me and i feel like im never going to have one now

also i have never kissed a guy (apart from on the cheek lol) so i must be a rubbish kisser and i want to enjoy being single but its just been so long now

will i ever have a boyfriend?

thank you xxxxxxx

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    hmm. your birtish. ill try to translate as best as i can, ok. oi! its not you! ye havent found a bloke thats good'nuf for yeh! so dun' be worried, mate! ye'll find some'un.Hope this Helps! G'Luck Mate.

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    Hey! Dont even worry about that hun, I'm 17 too and I didn't get my first boyfriend til I was 17. They're not really anything to stress over, he ended up breaking up with me anyway so it wasn't worth the wait. Enjoy being single to mingle, from experience its much more fun and you have more time to wait for th right guy to make sure your first boyfriend is a good relationship! Good luck, and as for kissing its not as hard as it seems. It comes naturally to us girls who are deprived of boyfriends!! =] Maybe its just coz they all know how good we are at kissing and are intimidated by it ;)

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    no worries, the right man will come along and sweep you off your feet soon enough. Just don't do anything stupid and go looking the wrong places for one. He'll come along. I'm 16 and never had an official boyfriend. I've gone on dates, but never dated, never kissed, never held hands, but I also know that God has a bigger plan for me, and that rushing into relationships with men that aren't right for me, doesn't put me in the right place to find the man God has planned for me. Patience is the key that unlocks the door. Just give it time, you'll be glad you didn't give your heart to jerks who don't care about you. Promise. Wishing you luck!

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    Don't worry about it! :-) I'm 18 years old and I haven't yet been in a relationship...neither kissed anyone. I'm not ashamed nor worried about it. I have the fortune to know myself very well and to know exactly what i'm looking for in a person...ofcourse, you've got to realise that everyone has imperfections, so you can't set yourself unrealistic expectations. But, i see it this way: having a relationship with someone is a very beautiful and intimate journey and i'd rather share it with someone i am completely certain about....even if that takes more time than expected. I don't want to settle...i want a person exactly right for me. For now, concentrate on being happy with yourself, your friends and your family....when you accomplish that, love directly comes to you-it's like a positive aura that surrounds you and acts like a magnetic force. There's someone out there for everyone. Believe me! ;-)


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    Not having a boy friend at 17 isn't that bad and as for being a rubbish kisser inexperience is not a crime, give it time and you will find that you are a grate kisser and you will find a boy friend don't be in a rush to lose you innocence. take your time and be patience

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    That's not totally true. I think u should get 2 know u better like what kind of young men attract u. Then u wont have 2 wast time on someone u have no interest in what so ever....

    Then again u could base it on the zodiac signs cause all personalities weren't meant 2 get along.....

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    I'm 17 and never had a bf either.

    Dont be afraid of kissing, if he really loves you, he wont be bothered about your kissing ability, just you! So dont worry if you dont think you can kiss.

    Some people think it is better not to have a bf until u find someone you can live your life with.

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    i was almost 19 before my first one i thought was srious, i had a few before that never made it past like 3 weeks.. and all of high school i only went ona few dates..

    it will happen - and as far as you being a bad kisser,, if you havnt kissed anyone, theres no way to know..

    some people have to wait longer to find love, or a relationship(like me) ... give it time, im optimistic it will happen... most guys at high school are just looking for 10's (hottest of the hot) which is messed up.. once you get older, guys start liking you for you, not your looks - gthats why some people have to wait longer

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    You don't have anything to worry about, I never actually went on a date until I went away to college, and I never really had a girlfriend until last year, my girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year and a half. I never kissed a girl until my freshman year of college. Trust me, you will find one, it just takes time, find someone you really connect with and have a lot in common with.

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    You're just growing up. You have a long way to go, a lot of dates to have, and a lot of guys hearts to either make ecstatic or break. Don't worry about not having a guy now, when the right one comes along, you'll be ready.

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    I did not have my first bf until I was 18. I was not a nerd, but played sports and enjoyed my friends and other things. I am now happily married to a lovely man and I am 28. There is hope.

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