why do timeshare owners get so angry when informed they got ripped off?

when i try to inform people about the pitfalls of timesharing the owners of t-shares get all worked up.. but the facts are on my side .they keep on paying these ever increasing maintenance fees ,they pay extra when the company remodels they pay to trade ...they pay pay pay and what do they get in return the same thing a non owner gets if he stays in a luxury hotel at half the price.and if you choose not to vacation a non owner does nothing a t-share owner scrambles to try to rent it out...in support of my blog just go to ebay and check there are nearly 1000 timeshares up for bid with only a handfull of takers at a fraction like 95% of original cost of what the owner paid most have no bids and most are asking for just ONE DOLLAR..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When you inform people that they got ripped off, they're not getting worked up or mad at you, they're getting mad at themselves. They know they got ripped off and they're mad at themselves for letting it happen to them. My sister bought a timeshare and when it was nearly paid off, they conned her into getting a $16,000 upgrade! She cries about it all the time. She can't get out of it and constantly kicks herself...and would like to kick her husband who also fell for their crap. So if people get upset about it...it's because they feel like an idiot for falling into the 'trap'. People don't normally like admitting that they're vulnerable and got taken advantage of.

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    1 decade ago

    Buyer's remorse is not easily shared. No one ever bragged about buying a car and paying too much.

    Timeshare is an old scam that is practiced around the world. I saw them being sold in Portugal years ago.

    Keep on pointing out the facts and perhaps you can save someone from making a timeshare mistake. Those who have already bought cannot be saved.

  • 1 decade ago

    Why do you care? Maybe they are "all worked up" because it is none of your f**** business.

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