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my 5 reasons to believe in Aliens , Agree or disagree ?

1-billions of galaxies : what is the Universe ? billions of galaxies , inside a galaxy , there are billions of Suns (stars) , and billions of planets , our small planet is clearly not the only habitual one .

2-there are other habitual planets , other blue planets , and possible water on other planets

3-the Recipe for life is simple : Carbon , Water and Energy

4-astrophysicists are already searching for life on other planets

5-many UFO Eyewitnesses on our Planet and some real pictures .


the Reverend Soleil : now when did I say "evidence " ?

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    1) yes possibility of other life on other planets.

    2) again yes.

    3) agin yes.

    4) SETI has not returned a single possibility of communication.

    5) Many sightings, no good or real photos. No credible evidence for alien visits.

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    Your logic is flawed.

    1) There is no evidence to suggest our planet is NOT the only habitable one. Either way, this has nothing to do with aliens.

    2) This was the same as point 1.

    3) There is no recipe for life, and the design is actually complicated. The chemical structure of living cells is of far greater complexity than the simple chemistry of the inherent elements - this is why creatures decompose into simple chemical compounds when they die.

    4) The astrophysicists searching for life on other planets are more deluded than the alchemists of old who tried to turn base metals into gold.

    5) Just because people see UFOs does not mean aliens exist.

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    1-This is a trite cliche by now and proves nothing whatsoever. We don't know enough yet to say "our small planet is clearly not the only habitable one". Nobody knows that. The only planets we can see outside our own solar system are gas giants much like Jupiter but bigger. You say "clearly", so where is the proof of your statements here? There is none yet.

    2-How does anyone know this? It seems likely, but it's far from being proved as you say it is. "Likely" is not the same as "clearly" in any way. This is illogical.

    3-It's not as simple as that. Again, you are changing "likely" into "clearly" ="certainly", and that's illogical.

    4-"Searching" is not the same as "finding". Read history about the Northwest Passage in America and Colon = Columbus seeking India by sailing westward. Men don't always find what they seek. You keep confusing the meanings of words to support a pet belief.

    5-There's no scientific proof that UFOs are real. UFO eyewitnesses are hoaxers, mentally ill or just people who mistook something normal for UFOs. There are no pictures that can be used as evidence for your pet belief. This last point only shows obviously that your whole argument has no firm foundation. It all depends on distorting meanings of words and using unproven stories that are often known hoaxes as evidence. You don't need to say '"evidence" when you're "clearly" presenting what you imagine to be just that. What a mass of twisted semantics with no logic you offer as pseudo-evidence here.

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    I agree that, chances are, somewhere in the universe, other life does exist. However I don't believe in the idea of 'little green men' or super intelligent beings with flying spaceships and lasers and abducting things. That's ridiculous. If you look at the most common type of species on our planet, its more likely that any sort of life on another planet will be some sort of amoeba, or insect type thing, or even just some sort of bacteria. It's not gonna be like a big monster or anything similar to humans.

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    1.) Your UFO "evidence" has been universally proven to be hoaxes.

    2.) It's "habitable" planets -- and we haven't actually found any yet. At least, not habitable as we currently understand the term.

    3.) #4 is the "Argument from Authority" fallacy -- in the interest of intellectual honesty, I have to call you on it, just like I would when the theists try it.

    All that having been said, the remaining reasons are good enough to keep our minds open to the possibility that there might be other life out there. But so far, we still don't have any reliable evidence supporting the Alien Hypothesis.

    EDIT: Belief without evidence to back it up is just wish-thinking, and a waste of time.

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    So, if I take a picture of a Frisby, that means aliens are visiting us?

    I have no problem with the idea of life being out here. It is the idea that the "out there" has come here that I have a problem with.

    Edit: The Wow signal was found to be a pulsating supernova when viewed through Hubble. Looking for a source for that, but it is difficult on the internet, if I find it I will post.

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    1. is true.

    2. is arguable.

    3. is true- the ingredients of life may be simple. but the structure of life is not. The probability of life coming about my chance is already astronomical, the odds of it happening in multiple instances would be ridiculous.

    4. Searching, but not found.

    5. UFO's are simply un-identified, not necessarily alien.

    Ok, you have your 5 reasons, but no proof to back them up. “Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld.” (Hebrews 11:1)

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    Points 1-4 are reasonable, but 'UFO' does not equal alien space ship and many people see something unexplained and jump to the wildest conclusions.

    I don't think aliens have ever visited Earth.

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    Because the President of Mexico tells them they don't. The Mexican President needs to close his northern borders just as he has done with his southern borders. He needs to provide for everyone in his country!

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    I think aliens are real. Not saying they have or ever will get in touch with us, but they gotta be out there somewhere.

    Ever heard of the Wow signal? Thats supposed to be a form of alien communication with us.

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