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Question for Breeders and New Owners?

A lot of the questions on here are about the problems and challenges that people experience with adolescent dogs (6 to 18 months old).

The challenging behaviours of adolescent dogs when they are no longer the cute little puppies that people purchased are a major reason for people getting rid of the dog after just a few months. Shelters are full of young dogs that people could not cope with.

My question is this.

How many breeders take the trouble to explain to new owners what they should expect during the dogs adolescent phase and the fact that this stage does pass but it can be a very difficult and challenging period?

How many new owners were told by the breeder about what to expect during their dogs adolescent stage?


I guess the lack of response from breeders says it all. I will post this same question again and highlight the lack of response. Thank you to those that have answered.

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    totally agree with you pal. i have a 14 month old doberman and although i new what to expect because i have always had dogs the breeder gave no indication as to the troubles ahead.it is no wonder so many excellent dogs end up in shelters or even worse given away to bad holmes

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    Unfortunately I don't think there are many "responsible" breeders on YA so getting few responses isn't surprising.

    A good, responsible breeder will talk to a new owner (one with little to no experience with puppies in general and puppies of a particular breed in particular) about the various stages, they will put info in the puppy kit, they will make themselves available to answer questions, give support & give advice. They will if possible give a listing of obedience classes, kennel and/or obedience clubs, etc that the new owner can access if needed.. a responsible breeder is interested in helping a new owner any way possible to ensure a happy owner/dog relationship.

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    I bet not many were told, the breeders probably expect the person buying the dog to just automatically know what to expect. I have never given up a dog, because it got older, i fall in love with them even more over the years. We were just given an 8 yr old yorkie, he was used for breeding, then they just decided they didn't want him anymore, since he was getting to old to breed. But he is the most well behaved & loveable dog we have ever had. Age doesn't matter to me i have been around all different kinds of dogs ranging from newborn- to really old, Their bond with you only gets stonger over the years, so i totally disagree with getting rid of one just because it isn't the cute cuddly puppy anymore, its just selfish.

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    Turn this question around - how many new owners LISTEN to what breeders are telling them?

    How many new owners take the trouble to do their homework before rushing out and buying the nearest puppy?

    Sorry, this is a two-way street!

    I agree, there is a theme on here - way too many basic questions form new owners and potential breeders!

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    No breeder that I have purchased from has EVER told me what to expect. They have all asked me what I expect. Responsible breeders sell to well-informed owners that have done all of their research. I expect a breeder to thoroughly screen me; and this includes my expectation of different life stages.

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