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What was the cunning plan the Germans had during World War 1?

What cunning plan did the Germans have during World War 1?

I really need help...I tried looking on the internet but the websites that come up are useless...

Thanks alot for your help!! Every answer is appreciated because it shows you took the time to help :)

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    It was called the "Schlieffen-Plan".

    In the late 1890's General von Schlieffen (thus the name of the plan) came up with a plan how to fight against France and Russia and win easily. The main idea was to keep the Russians at bay while defeating the French.

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    The plan the Germans were going to use against the French was the Schlieffen Plan, where they would send a few troops towards the border between France and Germany, but quickly send the bulk of their troops through Belgium and the bottom of Holland in a "hammer swing" around the French fortress towns and take Paris and effectively most of the French army, before Russia had time to mobilise against Germany. Effectively they were aiming to avoid a war on two fronts. This could have worked, its unknown, because while von Schlieffen and von Moltke created the plan, Moltke was the one who carried it out, and it was decided that Germany didn't want to sour relations with Holland as I think they traded with them and so they didnt go through Holland as originally planned, which shortened the hammer swing and created a bottleneck of troops in Belgium which weakened the whole plan, and as you would know it didnt really work for them in the end. This is a good diagram of the original plan I found:

    anyway hope that helps/was interesting :) also wikipedia is also good for a rough overview of it, though you have to check anything you read on there against other info of course!

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    Actually NO! Germany was the larger country in both World Wars, with the greatest military numbers. They were also the aggressors in both Wars, so they had the advantage. What is often forgotten is that the British Empire was a Global Superpower because of the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy, not because of its Army. The British Army was spread throughout the Empire to police it, and relied on the Navies to provide initial firepower and supplies. This could not be achieved in Europe, especially as the largest European Army was considered to be France, both in 1914 AND 1939. As for the "unlimited materials" from America, you speak in jest surely? In WW I America did not want to sell aid to Britain as that could affect its Neutral and Isolationist Stance in the War. In WW II it was the same. Yes, America DID eventually sell (please note the word) aid to Britain, but at a cost. They would only sell what they thought Britain could actually pay for. (A pity that their Banks did not think the same way a few years ago). That left Britain with a huge debt that it only finished paying for in 2006. ( I believe the final payment was $89 million). At the same time, America was putting the same sort of money into the rebuilding of Germany and Japan. Who actually won then?

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    The von Schleiffen plan was to invade France through neutral Belgium in order to outflank French positions along the German border. Interesting enough, it worked better for the Germans in WWII than WWI. The invasion in WWI was on the 2nd of August 1914.

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    With no information, come on "cunning plan" could mean almost anything from gas attacks to waxing the Kaiser's moustache.

    try the Spring offensive

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    oh there were so many. spying, submarine warfare, blitzkrieg? but the best of all was the Schliemann Plan(CHECK THE SPELLING), now that was a plan. coulda' worked, too. in fact, it was so good that germany followed through 20 years later.

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