Madonna have the cheek to say we are all children of God.?

That is to say even Atheist is subjected to believe that they are Children of God. Since you Atheist now have no choice but to believe that you are also Children of God, shouldn't you thank Madonna for waking you guys up?

If you agree with Her, I believe that you owe the Christian a apology. Do you agree?


Madonna is a Diva, a Mega Star, A Charitible person and have millions of Fan. She knows what She is talking when She made that statement. She is neutral, not from any Religion /Faith that holds a name Priest, Pastor or Holy Sage. Coming from Her She must be speaking from within.

She confronts the truth and tell it as it is, not from any religious angle.

There. Take that.

Be honest to yourself, there is such thing as God. You cannot keep on denial.

Update 2:

Scott : you are right. Even a fool wants to be heard.

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    1 decade ago
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    Madonna means well, I am sure. But she is a woman of limited education and narrow experience, as well as rather unstable emotional makeup. So I don't think I much care what she thinks about theological matters.

  • 1 decade ago

    How does Madonna saying this give Atheists 'no choice but to believe'

    I'm sure there are many Muslim singers or Sikh Actors out there who offer their opinions. Does that mean I have 'no choice' but to believe them too?

    Quoting Madonna as proof of god is as crazy as the people here who quote miles of scripture to 'prove' god exists.

    If your god is within you - then I respect that. I'm happy that you have found inner peace, but quoting some deluded, aging rock star, or an ancient, heavily edited and wholly inaccurate text will convince nobody!

    BTW - weren't the christians the ones that 10 years ago were slating Madonna for her raunchy book and lesbian poses...?

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe that all people are children of God, even atheists. It's not necessary for them to believe this, of course, since it is my belief and not theirs. People are free to believe as they will.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i am a child to my mummy no someones imaginary friend. :)

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