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Flights to Tenerife South Airport? Cheapest flight possible?

My boyfriend needs to fly out to Tenerife with his son to surprise his family out there, but we spent about 5 hours last night looking for cheap flights...nothing! we tried jet2, expedia, travel supermarket...you name it!!

The flight needs to be either: 12/13/14/15 (after 7pm on the 12th) and then coming home: 19/20/21. he didnt want to spend over 200p.p return flight, I know you all haven't got time to help properly, but suggestions would be awesome! thankyou all- please no stupid comments-its pointless to yourself and me!!

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  • Pompal
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    You haven't said where he wishes to fly from but I've found just one at under his preferred budget.

    Xlair from Manchester on Fri.12th September, returning 19th September, at £382 for two persons. The only snag to this is that the flight is scheduled to leave at 1700hrs.

    There is another possibility from Gatwick on Friday, the 12th which includes an apartment in Playas de las Americas. This flight leaves at 2100hrs, with Thomas Cook airlines and is available with "canaries cancellations". This is advertised at £242 per person.

    The only other flights anywhere near the £200 mark are from Gatwick on the 16th Sept. Thomas Cook are showing at £421.46 and Xlair at £438.00. Both are for 2 persons and returning on the 23rd.

    The cheapest flights currently available in the near future are with Xlair, from Gatwick on the 19th returning on the 23rd. These are £308 for 2 persons. Good luck with your surprise.

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    All the flights at the moment are over £200 per person. There is a flight going out of Gatwick tomorrow for £169 so my suggestion is to keep checking and get a very late deal. The flight should come down in price by then. I have checked all the low cost and tour operators for you this morning and this is my best advice.

    Source(s): Travel agent for 15 years looking at live booking systems
  • ANF
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    Cheap flight for late bookings are a thing of the past. It is now cheaper to book well in advance as the prices increase as the flying date gets closer.

    Try Monarch as they have well defined flight times, they tend to be on time and the aircraft are comfortable. If you wish and they are available, you can book seats with extra legroom for an additional charge. You can opt out of meals on board and take your own sandwiches to save money.

  • Anonymous
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    ANF is right, now it is impossible to get a last minute cheap flights, however it may be possible to get cheapest possible price from less popular but fantastic websites. If you would have given your full itinerary i.e. from where you are flying from, I would have helped you. Pl see the link below, if you find a good price here.

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  • Erika
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    initially , e book go back flights (your description exhibits you try 2 singles) they could be priced in 2 halves, yet maximum search for engines tutor it as one fare. Travelocity expedia etc definite, in case you spot them providing a mainline airline - double verify even if it really is more cost-effective direct yet many times it isn't (they get deals or have pre-bought allowances) if you're seeing more cost-effective seats with un-named 'low-priced' airways it should be easyjet etc, OR it could be a structure provider, booked and run only for the season, and by no potential a many times scheduled substantial Airline vacation. would also be spare seats on a vacation equipment flight. As for some "days" being more cost-effective, properly seem to the days weekends are even as maximum folk decide on to fly/get their finished week so midweek are the a lot less needed seats / more cost-effective deals. yet do attempt the vacation search for engines as well because the airways direct.

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