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bear with, pass on, drove off的英文解釋?

bear with, pass on, drove off的英文解釋?



bear with:to be patient and wait while someone does something

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    bear with (忍耐):

    spoken used to ask someone politely to wait while you find out

    information, finish what you are doing etc

     Bear with me a minute, and I'll check if Mr Garrard's in.

    to be patient or continue to do something difficult or unpleasant

     It's boring, but please bear with it.


    pass on(傳):

    to give someone a piece of information that someone else has

    given to you

    If you pass something on to someone, you give it to them so that they have it instead of you.

    The Queen is passing the money on to a selection of her favourite charities.

    There is a risk of passing the virus on.

    The late Earl passed on much of his fortune to his daughter.

    drove off:

    If you drive someone or something off, you force them to go away

    and to stop attacking you or threatening you.

    The government said it drove the guerrillas off with infantry and air strikes.

    Men drove off the dogs with stones.

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