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Sharon asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

open corpses


Da Vanci did many drawing of the human body, cutting open corpses to draw insides of people.

--> corpses refers to the dead body, however why uses the world open to modify the noun , corpses? Translation, please.

** tks you***

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First of all, you have to understand that "cut... open" is an expression; you can say, "cut something open" or "cut open something", either will do. For example: I cut the watermelon open with this knife.= I cut open the watermelon with this knife. (我用此刀子切開這西瓜。)

    此句子另包含一重要文法概念: 兩個動作同時進行時,第二個動詞若是主動時須用"現在分詞";第二個動詞若是被動時須用"過去分詞"。

    Ex. 1. Every evening, I have my dinner, watching "Law & Order".

    Ex. 2. Inspired by the show, Jake proposed to her.

    同理,你的句子中,... did many drawing....第一個動作,而

    "cutting open corpses.. ...第二個動作( 你也可說 "... cutting corpses open.."

    最後..."to draw insides of people"= "in order to draw insides of people"

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  • Kevin
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    1 decade ago

    open 在這裡是跟cutting 連在一起, 形容屍體被切之後的"狀態".

    不是形容切的方式, 而是結果.

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  • 1 decade ago

    達文西畫了很多人體圖, 還切開屍體來畫人體的內部.

    open 在這裡是跟cutting 連在一起, 形容切的方式,

    而不是形容corpses, 屍體.

    cut open 是切開, 如果只說cut, 並沒有說是哪一種切法,

    cut off, 切斷, 也是切. cut open 就強調是切開, 這跟後面的名詞

    接的是什麼並沒有關係, cut open本身是一個片語,

    你可以切開屍體, 也可以切開水果.

    那句問句有點奇怪, 應該不是用modify. modify的話, 那樣東西

    會改變, 名詞 corpses並沒有變, 所以不能說用形容詞去

    modify名詞, 這樣不通.

    Source(s): 住在美國
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