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Is Popsicle capitalized?

When writing, should the word "POPSICLE" be capitalized or not? Is it considered a name of a brand (if so, yes) or simply a food (then the answer would be no)?

thanks so much!

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    Yes, it should be spelled "Popsicle." Capitalization of the 'P.' It is the name of a brand of ice pops, but people tend to call all ice pops a 'popsicle' generically. But its just the name of a brand.

    Its called a "generalized trademark." Thats when a brand name or trade mark becomes the word people use for an item instead of the general name, itself.

    Think of Band-Aid, Coke, Kleenex, Q-tips, Xerox, and other words people use to describe an item. They're all trandemark or brand names that are used generically. Some people don't even know that those aren't the generic names. They call every item like it by the brand name.

    Okay, more info than asked, lol. Sorry.

    but I hope it helped.

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      Wow, thanks for posting lol Woe 7 yrs ago trippy.

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    You are correct. It is a brand name and should be capitalized. Also, if you are using it in a written document, you should use the registered trademark symbol (the little "r" with the circle around it) next to the name.

    Note: Asia is correct don't "have" to use the trademark symbol. You won't be sued, as I doubt the Popsicle folks will read what you're writing. Still, technically any time you use a registered trademark you should use the symbol, and it's easy enough to do if you're using a computer with symbol fonts. If you were using a brand name in any published document, the expectation would be that you would use the symbol.

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    The word of Popsicle cant be capitalized. Its a just word.

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    you should only capitilize words of a higher importance such as names and places. so no dont capitalize it.

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