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do oil execs sit in on the meetings where mccain handlers explain to sarah what she believes in?

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    Secretary of defense; William Ayers (good with bombs) Secretary of housing Tony Rezko (good at getting cheap housing for Obama) Secretary of State Jesse Jackson (he likes traveling to countries that hate America). Attorney General Michele Obama (she's already an attorney and is angry at America) Secretary of treasury T. Bone Pickens (Obama hopes he puts some of his money in treasury to pay for Obama's increased spending.) Secretary of transportation Snoop Dog (has fine cars) Secretary of commerce Nancy Pelosi (wants to be an isolationist so stop trading with foreign countries) Secretary of interior Father Fleger (he is already in the interior closet) Secretary of agriculture Cheech and Chong (if they can grow weed they should be able to grow other stuff). Secretary of energy Al Sharpton (put a meter on his mouth it never stops) Sectretary of labor Al Gore (looks like he is in labor already) Sectretary of homeland security (cabinet post canceled Obama thinks the world now loves us) secretary of veterans affairs John Edwards (obvious answer) Secretary of education Rev Wright (He knows black and whites use different parts of their brains. Don't blame me he said it I didn't) White House press secretary Keith Olbermann (no one else helped him more)

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    Say all you want, here are the facts:

    Obama/Biden are buying votes with your tax dollars = Old Washington, not change. (see earmark data below)

    Dem led Congress approval rating is low then Bush's they were suppose to bring change yet have done nothing. (see the 2nd link below)

    Pork in the Presidential Race

    Posted on August 28, 2008 by Alexa Moutevelis

    CCAGW’s 2007 Congressional Ratings came out yesterday and you may be wondering how the presidential nominees did.

    • Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) 2007 rating was 10 percent, making his lifetime score 18 percent. The 2008 Congressional Pig Book contained 53 earmarks worth $97.4 million for Sen. Obama, including $1,648,850 for the Shedd Aquarium.

    • Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) received the worst possible rating in 2007 with 0 percent, while his lifetime rating is 22 percent. According to the Pig Book, Sen. Biden had 70 earmarks for a total of $119.7 million in fiscal year 2008, including $246,100 for the Grand Opera House in Wilmington.

    • Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) received a score of 100* percent and has a lifetime rating of 88, has never requested nor received a single earmark, and has pledged to veto any spending bill that contains any earmarks.

    *Sen. McCain was only present for 11 of the 35 Senate votes that CCAGW tallied. Therefore, he was not eligible for the Taxpayer Super Hero Award

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    Yes Oil Execs wear special robes and masks and perform ritual ceremonies to uncover Sarah Palin's truth.

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    Oh definite, taxpayers might ought to foot the bill for billions of dollars to freshen up this mess. And the reason of that's because of the fact the Oil toxins Act of 1990 which holds oil agencies responsible for as much as seventy 5 million money. The damages incurred would be interior the billions. If BP would not pay for this then the yank taxpayer will ought to foot the bill because of the fact the government could be compelled to respond to a disaster jointly with interior the case of hurricane Katrina. President Obama proposed a $118 million rescue kit that is composed of money for unemployment advantages and nutrition stamps for fishermen thrown out of paintings by using the spill. Bp has pledged to pay all cleanup expenditures, and all valid claims for lost business enterprise. BP even even with the shown fact that has refused to define what it ability by using valid claims. The administration authorized the Coast shield to attraction to from the Oil Spill have confidence fund over $a million.6 billion. BP would be responsible for reimbursing america government. The Senate is presently working strongly to overturn the law set back in 1990 decrease than President Bush. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J. hurriedly pushed for law to be exceeded that would desire to retroactively boost that cut back to $10 billion. The law replace into blocked by using Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska. She demanded that it replace into too quickly and the law necessary extra time to be reviewed. Ms. Murkowski has won $a million.2 million from potential and organic source hobbies in her political occupation. until law can get exceeded to retroactively overturn a regulation set by using Congress, the value of the cleanup could be counted on the taxpayer. The courts might have their arms tied on approving such action. i do no longer be conscious of what has exceeded off in those so-called backroom conferences yet once you think of it bears any relevance then you definately ought to state why you experience that way, any evidence you ought to help that, and practice your aspects. My aspects are taken specially from The financial cases based in Washington. I even produce different links you will possibly nicely be happy to peruse as nicely. thank you.

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    Of course...but I believe it is the other way around.

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    Only in your twisted fantasies

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    They chair those meetings

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