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my head hurts pain ahh?

ok So For A Week Now I Been Haven Sharp Pain On One Side Of My head In Diffrent Area Around That Side Like Back Top And Side. Its The Left Side. Also Sumetimes I Get A Headach I Have An Ear Ach To. Also Sometimes When I Move My Head I Get The Pain.

Another Thing Is The Back Of my Neck And Head And Top Feels Like Sore And Stiff. What Is This Is This A Mingraine Or Stress Related Or sumthing?


yea cus i was hoppen its nutthing seriouse like u kno. but me thinking of that my mom say it will get worse she said i got a mingraine and allergy problem. but i mean this bothers the f out of me like i feel like laying down in a cool water.

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    TM, Please see a doctor. A headache on one side of the face is a migraine. But your neck and head feeling stiff could be stress. Stress can do amazing things to the body, believe me!

    It's possible that these migraines are causing the stress! That's why you need to see your doctor. There are so many excellent medications now for migraines. Your regular doctor should be able to fix you up. Otherwise, s/he will refer you to a neurologist. In the meantime, when you get a migraine, go to sleep in a dark, quiet room.

    Bless you and good luck! Remember, you are not alone.:)

    Source(s): Nurse.
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    I've experienced the same problems. For the past few days I have had sharp pains in my head. Mostly in different areas each time. It may be allergy related especially if you have pain in your ear. Sinus pressure will cause that. If it is your sinuses the pain will be worse when bending forward or getting up. It could also be stress.

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    You have got yourself a migraine my friend- I get them too. Go to the Dr or to the Emergency Room- they will most likely give you some imitrex or torodol. Put an ice pack on the back of your neck and cover your eyes with a warm rag and get in a dark room and sleep- sometimes migraines can last for days. good luck.

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