What do you think of when you really look at the world?

I woke up early just like most of you and went to a coffee house, just like most and I ordered a soy chai. I sat down and thought about how ridiculous it was that I couldn’t settle for a cup of coffee, I promise I will next time, Plus, I can’t afford to spend 350 everyday. I’d be better off pursuing my cigarette addiction.

I sat down with my drink outside of the Eastlake village walk and looked around. It was an early, lonely, foggy, morning and Billie holiday and Frank Sinatra played in the background. Why can’t they just have silence? And why did they have so many damn signs everywhere I looked? Caution, warning, STOP, pedestrians have the right of way, no loitering. Is this what the world has become? We don’t even need cops to get tickets anymore, there are cameras on every street corner.

I sat there for a while and noticed that everything was so damn fake, the music only made it worse and the fog just made it more depressing. But I can’t blame it all on the fog, so I’ll give credit to the fake grass that I sat near. I looked up and laughed and wondered, what the hell? Why can’t they just put real grass? Why? Why? Why?

And why did they have to bring these poor Koi fish and throw them in a fake pond? Would the plaza be incomplete without real fish? Maybe they should’ve placed fake fish in the pond, just like the fake turtle stones on the fake grass. There’s no need to make these beautiful innocent creatures suffer.

Those poor fish are tortured and food is constantly thrown at them by the amused little brats. These spoiled children scream about their frozen yogurt while children in Africa scream for water. It’s so ******* sad to live here people don’t even know how to raise their children right.

Is it me or does everyone who travels to another country come back and say “Wow, their life is so simple, and so wonderful. They’re so nice and helpful and da dee dad a dee…”

The truth is, it’s not their life. It’s our life they’re just the ones who choose to live it.

They choose to keep everything the way it was but only add a few needed buildings. Unlike us in America, we don’t need 6 plazas within 10 miles from each other. Why must we have 6 pizza shops, 6 Starbucks, 3 Pet markets 3 Vons, 3 Albertson’s all in one city?

I can’t keep my eyes closed as long as I live, but it would be so damn great to not see this fake **** anymore.

I want more trees and dead leaves, live leaves, roses, flowers, animals, water, rivers, mountains, streams, mushrooms, peace.

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    I could rub it in , but I won't. Suffice to say, I live in the woods about 1 mile out of town. There are about 24 big oak trees on my lot and several of a variety of other trees. Leaves get about ankle deep by the end of fall or the first of winter.

    I know what you mean. But my area is quiet, although I'm less than 15 minutes from any variety of business you can think of. I don't frequent them. Just go when I need to. The only bad thing is, I have too many trees and cannot see the stars at night. I'm also too close to the city and cannot see a lot of the light shows that mother nature puts on occasionally. People don't frequent my area, so I'm never bothered by distractions. I enjoy my life and the simplicty of it all.

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    Well its about to change very shortly and if you think its bad now you will be in for a shock.From about 2010 to 2039 the world will undergo very great sufferings and very great changes. From 2010 the events described in the book of Revelation begin with World War 3.

    Source(s): Revelation.
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    Unfortunately, it sounds like you suffer more than those that you observed. I always found that their is a difference in being an observer to the world and being invested in making judgments about the world. What I found in your observations/interpretations though was a belief that may not be true.

    All things that live suffer in some way. Some of us suffer more through our judgments about reality rather than just experiencing reality.

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    A very poor fisherman cast his nets, which were full of holes, and returned with a single fish as long as his thumb.

    Beside him, a very rich fisherman with perfect nets drew in a fish as long as his forearm.

    "I will trade you this fish for that fish," said the rich man charitably. He took the small fish and the poor man took the big fish.

    They went home to dine that night. The big fish turned to ash in the poor man's mouth. The little fish was a feast.

    Do not judge a fish by its size

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    We're headed for another "Dark Age"

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    1 decade ago

    What I see is what I am.

    I see cynicism and "the sky is falling" mania.

    But that's who I am.

    You see what You are.

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    1 decade ago

    I think: "What is that I see before me? It must be the world."

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