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Why is vegas called sin city?

I just got the game Rainbow six vegas. I dont get it, They keep on saying sin city this sin city that why sin city why no just vegas?


No i have not

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    => Las Vegas is really a fairly remote location. In 1905 the railroad auctioned 110 acres near the train station to start the town, but it had only grown to a population of 5165 by 1930. When the state of Nevada legalized gambling in 1931 it was still widely considered sinful behaviour in most of the country. Las Vegas was the natural hangout for the men who were building the nearby Hoover Dam. These men wanted to drink, gamble, and go to brothels.

    -> With out a lot of natural resources in the desert and a difficult journey to either Los Angeles or Salt Lake city, after WWII the town began to be marketed as a place to party. It attracted organized crime bosses from all over the country. By 1960 it had a population of 64.4 thousand and a number of casinos . In august of that year, the movie Oceans 11 was released, giving a huge boost to the popularity of Vegas.

    -> The five casino's that were robbed in the movie were the Sands, Desert Inn, Flamingo, Riviera, and the Sahara. The Desert Inn and the Sands have since been imploded and the Flamingo has been renovated to the point where it barely resembles the old casino.

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    Las Vegas allowed legal gambling in 1931. Before that time illegal gambling and prostitution (still illegal really) was rampant. Dancers sunbathed in an area called the Naked City, reallly just a park by their apartments.

    For many people up until the 1980's gambling was a sin, hence Sin City.

    Would you go to Disneyland if there was no name attached or interesting activities? That is Vegas ..... a city of dreams and wishes and adult fun.

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    gambling is a sin

    and there are other things in Vegas that are also sinful acts such as striptease, prostitution, lust etc...

    There also happens in other states but, in Vegas it is much more concentrated and ppl just go for these.

    And do not forget: whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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    because of the legal prostitution ranches...and gambling...

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    Have you ever been there?

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