Bedroom interior design ideas?

i am redooing my room and i need some help deciding on color schemes etc furniture etc. I am a 16 year old girl does anybody know of websites which have nice stylish bedroom ideas? i like classy stuff, nothing tacky. can anybody help? thankyou :)

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    If there are stores that you really like, say Crate and Barrel or West Elm or Pottery Barn, you can look on their web sites and click on products that you like and then click on the option for room views. This is a great way to get ideas and then bargain shop for the things you need to make your room happen. TJMaxx, Target, and other stores have a lot of nice, high-end looking accessories that are very similar to what you see at C&B, WE, or PB.

    Good luck and have FUN!!!

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    If you ever get the time to watch they have some GREAT ideas on all rooms. I, like you, was wanting something different. I was watching HGTV and found an idea that not too many people would think of doing. It worked out great for us, and I have had many compliments on the finished bedroom. You can also go on their web site to get more ideas.

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    in case you like a chilled mattress room via a ways the main suitable colour to choose for may be a easy blue. Blue has been shown to be the main relaxing colour, and may even help carry down severe blood rigidity, and help therapeutic. because it extremely is a funky colour,and notably in case you utilize a easy blue, it is going to shop a feeling of sunshine and area on your room. i in my view does not choose for a peach colour for a chilled experience. Peach is extremely a easy orange, and it is between the least relaxing colorations you could choose for. Orange is extremely stimulating to the senses, and may even shop you wide awake. actually not stated for a mattress room. attempt and sparkling out any pointless clutter too - yet hi, in case you like the stuff, you like the stuff. portray your room a chilled easy blue might help lots with this besides, i think of.

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    I have used this picture a lot and I must admit that it is one of my favourite, I hope that you like it as well it's very feminine and classy

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