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Good proper insults with big words?

Alright, I need some good insults that sound sophisticated but also make sense. Add some big words just make sure it makes sense

Thanks!!! :-D

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    1) He wouldn't know his anal cavity from blunt terrestrial erosion. (He wouldn't know his @$$ from a hole in the ground).

    2) Your maternal parent attends university! (Your mom goes to college.)

    3) Do I make an appearance at your place of employment and instruct you on the proper method of food perparation? (Do I go to your job and tell you how to flip burgers?)

    4) Engage yourself in egoistic carnal knowledge. (Go **** yourself).

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    Posh Insults

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    Ectoplasm??!! That's really hard if you're trying not to couple it with swearing, because swearing is the root of a lot of good insults but makes it sound less sophisticated.

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    pathetic, repulsive, disgusting, Arrogant, although they are not %100 insults but they are good adjectives that can replace insults in some cases

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    You re an imbecile...

    What are you!? Ignoramus!!?? (Ignorant, stupid)

    Or, if you want to put a lot of words in.

    You fatuous, ignoramus, imbecilic cretin. (No fatuous does not mean fat...)

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    Tell someone they are being condescending, then ask them if they know what it means. Works almost every time.

  • .ooo.
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    anally retentive public louse.

    british people insult. lol

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    Obviously you are the result of a degradation in your gene pool, or perhaps not.

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    1 decade ago

    atrocious i don't think i know how to spell it

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