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I know that it has brought great joy to many (especially those in the AFC) that the Patriots are screwed this year with the loss of Tom Brady. Now I'm as completive as the next fan but I would never cheer if an opposing rival player blew out his knee like that. People need to show some class and sportsmanship. It is a shame to lose a future Hall of Fame QB in his prime and his injury is definitely a loss for this game. Now I'm not trying to make Sean Taylor comparisons, but it really pisses me off to see people cheer about Brady's injury. This reminds me of when Eagles Fans cheered when Michael Irvin got injured in 1999, as he laid motionless on the field. Grow up anti-Pats/Brady fans.

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    Thank you for a voice of reason and sanity. The people who gloat and take joy in the injury of another human are classless, and poor sports. They have so little faith in the skills and talents of their own teams, that they wish harm to others. It is disgusting behavior and makes me feel sorry for them.

    I wish Tom Brady a speedy recovery, and look forward to seeing him play in the future.

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    I am an "anti Patriots/Brady" fan. But I have to say, Brady's injury sucks. You want to beat the best when they are at their best. You don't want someone to give you the easy road to a championship.

    Now with that said, the Jets are no where close to competing for a superbowl at this stage, but(hypothetically), if they were to win the superbowl this year, then you could always say that the reason they won was because the Patsies didn't have Brady!

    I also hate it when teams make the postseason, but get their stars injured going into the playoffs, and then they somehow beat a legitimate title contender(due to the emotion or whatever) and then get it handed to them in the conference championship. Yes they deserve to be there, but it's just something that irks me.

    Now to my ultimate complaint. Why on earth, do teams refuse to keep players on their roster, as backups, that could battle for the starting spot...just to save money? When you have to "bring" someone in for a tryout, during the season, as soon as your starter gets injured, then apparently you didn't make the correct decision on who the 2nd and 3rd string players are. The fact that not one of the teams, that needed a starting QB for just this season, would give Daunte Culpepper or Byron Leftwich a shot. The Steelers waited until the end of the preseason basically before bringing em in to try out, because they needed a primary backup. If you are the Baltimore Ravens, and have Boller out for the season, Troy Smith in the Hospital and are forced to rely on JOE FLACCO as your starter, and you don't inquire about Culpepper, for at least a 1 yr deal at least, then you are a moron. At least you got to open your season against the Bungals.(silver lining)

    This Dallas Cowboy's thoughts and prayers go out to the Patsies and Tom Brady. I hope that Brady's surgery goes well, and is able to come back strong and healthy next year, and that the Pats season doesn't collaspe totally behind the arm of Matt Cassel. Here's to hoping the Patsies talk Culpepper out of retirement instead of signing Simms or Rattay(even I like Rattay). All you got to do is throw it up anyway.

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    Many fans' reaction to Brady's injury reveals who follows football for the love of the sport and who follows sports personalities. They resent Brady for his success and relationships. They don't know the difference between not liking someone and not respecting them.

    I have a much greater appreciation of what Brady did after reading David Halberstam's "The Education of a Coach", which centered on Belichick's career growth. Brady busted his butt to earn a spot on the team, worked tirelessly beyond practice, and prepared himself for a chance. The team knew of Brady's work ethic; that's why the Pats rallied behind him after Bledsoe went down.

    I'm not a big Brady fan, but I admire how hard he works and how what his teams did on the field. If you can't do that, you're not a football fan.

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    Sports injuries are never fun to watch or experience. My thoughts are with Tom Brady and his health team as they work with him on his ACL problems (at last report, this was the prevailing thought/opinion/fact). That said, I believe it will be good for the Pats in this way: it will serve as wake-up call for their establishment, and force them to see that they cannot go on indefinitely without a veteran backup QB. They have kept rolling those dice year after year, hoping that Brady stayed healthy. It blew up in their faces this season in Game One. They'll have to learn to make adjustments and allow for all positions to be adequately filled despite salary caps. Everyone else manages it. It's their turn now.

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    cause it all people that no there team has no chance of winning the afc with tom brady as the QB. Tom Brady is one if not the greatest QB of all time. and you say it could have happen to a better guy, what do u mean. tom brady didnt do anything to anyone. being a great QB makes him a bad guy!

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    Personally, I hate Tom Brady. But, it's horrible that his season is over. At the end of the day, football is a game.

    I don't get people who are happy about his injury. I am wondering if they pull over to cheer when people are injured in auto accidents.

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    individually i think of he's puffed up extra desirable than any participant contained in the NFL. he's a reliable participant and has smarts yet isn't something particular. human beings think of hes so large with the aid of fact he became on the prevailing end of three Superbowl's. yet that's all it became. he became on the prevailing team. vinatieri became the participant who gained the champion chip video games and a pair of Superbowl's. and to no longer point out that they had between the final if no longer the final protection's in those seasons. the protection gained those video games only like the ravens Superbowl or the bucs. they the two had everyday quarterbacks in trent dilfer and brad johnson yet they gained. why weren't human beings say they have been so large and the final contained in the activity? with the aid of fact they knew the protection gained those video games. with the pats they had to place a face to the franchise and it would by no skill be a kicker or an entire protection, so the place do you get the face? on the qb place. he has by no skill had a stellar season or had a activity that makes human beings bounce out of there seats. hes no longer something extra desirable than an everyday qb. hes only hiding in the back of a superb coach, a large protection and robust gamers around him. in case you have been to place him on a team like the lions, raiders, browns, you will pay attention approximately him for a year and that must be it. he would not make the gamers around him extra suitable, they only make him look reliable.

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    Agreed. I wouldn't be happy if Manning (either one of them) went down,or any other player for that matter. But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for most of the "fans" around here to grow up.

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    I think it is unfortunate that he got hurt. I think it is more unfortunate that all we will hear for the rest of the season is Tom Brady.

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    contrary to your opinion....and I do believe I am entitled to my own...

    couldn't have happened to a better person! bye bye cheating Patriots*

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