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What's the worst lie you ever told?

What's the worst lie you ever told? Who was it to, and do they know it was a lie?


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    i told my college proffesor that i didn't cheat on the big projest even though i did.

    i was super upset so i got very defensive and she "believed" me enough to pass me but i know she knew i lied i think she thought if she told the dean that i cheated the dean wouldn't believe her cuz i was like the unsuspecting girl that would never do a bad thing.

    i don't regret cheating cuz that was a dam hard class but i do regret that my friends that cheated as well since it was sooo hard ended up failing the class and even one girl that we all know didn't cheat was reproted and had to fight it and won right before graduation.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    That I speak Italian to my sister xD I've had this lie goign since the kindergarton. I went to a private catholic school kindergarton while my sister did not, so I told her we learned it. For the first couple times she beleived me, and she would ask me to say stuff, and I just made something random up. But as she started making more and more friends, some who were italian she knew I was lying. Worst part? She takes Italian in the high school now, so she acutally knows how to speak it ! LOL, oh well, I'll never give up on this one. She knows I'm lying but somethign about telling her I don't speak it just feels weird, it's like an insider we've had since we were young. Lmao, xD (:

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    Mom I promise I never had sex with him. Then 2 months later found out I was preggers. And yes she was the first to find out.

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    I told my son his dad left because of money problems. He will never know the truth about his dad until he discovers it for himself. I love my son too much to ever have him know the truth!

    ssıʞ ♥ kiss

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    i told some one that their parents died he was like 8 years old

  • Anonymous
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    I'm not Guilty, to the Jury....nope, and they never will mwahaha

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    1 decade ago

    which one? where do i start? lol

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