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Interpretation of Queens New York Addresses?

what's the deal with the addresses in Queens NY? One example is 36-20 30th avenue... it's on the corner of 30th ave and 37th st. Shouldn't that be 37-30, or something more logical? Anybody know an easy way to understand them?

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    1 decade ago
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    If you say "36-20 30th Avenue," you can actually find the exact spot, or pretty close to it.

    The 30th Avenue means that, well, it's on 30th Avenue. Nothing mysterious about that part.

    Now, the 36-20. The 36 tells you that the building is near where the location road, 30th Avenue, crosses the cross street, 36th Street! So, if you go to 30th Avenue and 36th Street, you should find the address pretty easily!

    The 20 tells you that it's farther from the intersection with 36th Street than 36-18, but closer to 36th Street from 36-22.

    Even numbered doors are on one side of the street, and odd numbers are on the other.

    So, if you go to 30th Avenue, and you start at 36th Street and walk towards 37th, you'd see the following addresses on one side:

    36-02; 36-04; 36-06; 36-08, and so forth. On the other side, you get: 36-01; 36-03; 36-05, and so forth. Cross 37th Street, and then you start with the 37-## addresses! Now, not all addresses are actually used, I've seen places where some are skipped. Still, if you get an address, you should be able to find it fairly quickly.

    It makes more sense when you actually see it, trust me.

    So, here are some more examples:

    168-01 Union Turnpike = this would be on Union Turnpike, between 168th and 169th Streets. By the 01, it would be the first door on the odd side of the street from the intersection with 168th Street.

    85-80 84th Street = this would be on 84th Street, between 85th and 86th Avenues. It would be closer to 86th Avenue because of its high door number of 80, and it would be on the even side of the street.

    These numbers may or may not exist in real life, but that doesn't matter; it just illustrates how to find them. It starts getting tricky when the street and avenue numbers are close or the same! This happens in a bit of a diagonal through Queens, from southwest to northeast.

    Hope this makes some sense!

    Source(s): Life-long New Yorker
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The streets in Queens are laid out relatively simple; provided that they are numbered and not name streets; then it gets a little more complicated.

    The 1st number in the address will tell you whether: a) the closest street or b) the closest avenue that particular address is.

    For example: you used 36-20 30th Avenue, the 36 indicates that this address is between 36th & 37th streets.

    If however the address had been 36-20 30th Street, then the 36 indicates that this address is between 36th Avenue & 37th Avenue.

    The 2nd number is just the building number. As I said earlier, this system works great up until you get a street that has a name instead of a number designation.

    That's why Maspeth, Forest Hills, parts of East Elmhurst, parts of Flushing, parts of Bayside, Douglaston, Little Neck, Queens Village, Kew Gardens, Rego Park, Glendale, Ridgewood and Elmhurst are so hard to negotiate - they have a large amount of streets that have names. So you have to rely on the 2nd explanation - the 1st number indicates more or less the avenue that that particular address is near.

    Source(s): Me - Native NY'er/40+ Years & Former Astoria resident (near the address of 36-20 30th Avenue).
  • 1 decade ago

    the first number is the cross street, it's between 36th and 37th Street, next block between (37 st and 38 st) all the address will be 37-xx 30th Ave. It can be confusing but it actually makes sense. Gets even more confusing w/ the avenue's/streets aren't numbered, but are assigned one.

    Source(s): Former Queens resident and taxi driver.
  • 1 decade ago

    it sounds illogical that 36-20 is on the corner of 37th Street, but i bet you that if you cross the street to the other side of 37th that the sequence starts all over again with "37-XX".

    you must just be at the *end* of the sequence starting from 36th Street...

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  • The building # doesn't have much to do with the street #. If it's close, it's concidence.

    I used to live in 37-51 and it was located on 84th Street between Roosevelt and 37th Avenue but closer to Roosevelt. See my point?

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    5 years ago

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