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use the word adulterate in three sentences...?

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    do not adulterate my beer (water it down)

    stop adulterating what I write (changing it)

    me want eat what adult er 'ate (caveman) idk, I have no clue about a 3rd


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    In a lot of movies, books and sometimes real life power and money adulterated people and force them to do things against their initial intention.

    If you leave milk out of the refrigerator it adulterates and is no longer safe to drink.

    If you add ice to lemonade, the ice will melt and adulterate the lemonade to lemony water.

    When we play tennis with my brother, he is like the third wheel and he adulterates the quality of the game between my dad and I.

    After while of being in the fridge, raspberries adulterated and turn black.

    McDonald's chicken is adulterated by the use of fatty oils and a deep frier.

    Adulterated products are cheaper because they are of lower quality and have other things added to them.

    Many foods are adulterated with the use of preservatives and pesticides.

    Most Sushi restaurants adulterated their food by not serving the fish on the menu and giving their customers a cheaper fish.

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    use the word adulterate in three sentences...?

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    I didn't like the taste of the lemonade because it was too adulterated.

    LOL, thats what my teacher used as an example. I'm looking for sentences for that word too ^-^"

    but i cant think of two more -_-

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    I like adulterate :D

    Oh my god, that is so adulterate

    What is adulterate?


    Answeness? ♥? :D

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