Our car battery kept dying due to an electrical draw. Did they overload other systems during testing?....?

Our new car battery was being drained. We were told that something was drawing power while the car was off. They did extensive electrical testing. They discovered that a fan was not turning off. They did the repairs and when we got the car back, the power seats would not go backward or tilt back (would go forward though) and the ac wouldn't blow any air. We thought maybe they had blown some fuses. But when we took the car back, they said that both seats needed new modules (the passenger module had been replaced under a year ago, so that one was still under warranty) and an ac line needed replacing. Is it possible that all of these things just happened to go out right when we took the car in? Or is it more likely that they damaged them during their electrical testing?

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  • Don W
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    1 decade ago
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    depends on the car but is sure sounds suspicious!

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