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What If you................?

If you install linux on your PS3,will it use the 8th SPE in the PS3's cell that is supposed to be for backup?

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    Linux, games and even folding@home (and other such things) can use up to 6 SPE's, the 7th is for the PS3 firmware and the 8th is a reserve SPE used should one SPE fail.

    The 7th SPE as I said is for the firmware, so this is specifically for all PS3 features, from using moving through the XMB to do something more complex like watching or listening to media, to browsing the web, using the PSN store, changing settings and things like that.

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    The 8th SPE is for the XMB and all out of game functions.

    It will use the 8th SPE and only the 8th SPE.

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