I permenantly deleted my facebook account and feel great!!?

Has anyone else decided to leave facebook, how does it feel? Why did you do it?

I was on there for two years and whilst I really enjoyed it at first, it started to take over my life and became an obsession, one which made me feel inadequate with my perfectly normal happy life. I didnt have loads of photos of me on there documenting every stage of my life, nor did I have very many friends. I started to to feel unwanted, like I wasnt normal, I mean every twenty year old has 100's of friends, a the most amazing social life, out drinking every night and carries a camera with them every time they go out so they can add pictures of their marvelous time on facebook, except me :(.

I would get contacted by people I'd prefer not to stay in contact with, out of politeness (which I must admit, with hindsight was stupid on my part) I would add them and consequently have to witness every action/drama in their lives, mini-feeds about how tired they are, what they were eating,. where they are, what they are doing, (I did later learn how to switch those blasted news-feed off). Then there was the stalking...I became fascinated with finding out everything about certain people, particularly someone I had a crush on, I wont go into, but was really starting to turn into a weirdo, on on few occassions stayed up all night for hours till 5am looking through this persons profile, reading every single comment they have made, picture they had been tagged on, friends they had.

Then theres there applications...admitidely I managed to cope with them for over a year, before working out how to completely remove them ffom my profile. Now they were the icing on the cake, I havent a clue of why I didnt leave earlier, I would have people I didnt really like, telling me what they thought of me by trying to rate how attractive/ugly I am, bid on me, bite me, and remind me how uncool I am by putting me eight at the bottom of the coolness chart.

What I disliked most was the how facebook somehow made the world feel alot smaller, perhaps too small. I think its great when theres things its nice not to know, good or bad-it creates mystery, the unknown, which can be positive.

Why I have just written this?? Maybe im just trying to get the last smiggen of FB out of my system. Oh! by the why I have permenatly deleted it, no just deactivated it, so its gone for good!! yephee!!!

If you love facebook, then good for you!! If you havent a clue of what im talking about just move on. This question is mainly for people who have left facebook or at least are considering, I wana know how you feel.


To permenatley delete your account,

Log into your facebook then click on the help button, I think its at the bottom on the right of your main profile page. Then in the help search type "delete facebook account". It will come up with a answer, a huge paragraph about permentaly deleting your account. There should be a link there saying "delete account". Its pretty straightforward from there onwards.

Update 2:

JohnD, my question is on the first line of the main body of text. My question is, what have your experiences been like..why did you leave etc

Ppkuk, I very much doubt it! :p

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    Trust me, those people with hundreds of friends probably don't even know half of them.

    I have a couple friends who just add actors and artists. Plus, some employers actually look up potential employees on their Facebooks or Myspace. Whatever they find on your profile, is what they'll judge you by therefore if you have a picture of yourself sprawled out drunk on the bathroom floor, they'll most likely not hire you.


  • Rosa
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    4 years ago

    Just deactivate it and then confirm it when they send an email to your email account and once you do that then just don't ever sign back into it, it is technically deleted once you do that but Facebook has the option that for people who change there mind can sign back in with the same information and it will reactivate your page, as long as you don't sign in, then you will be deactivated.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh my god I feel exactly the same. It makes me jealous to see my old friend driving a brand new BMW X3 and others out partying every night.

    do you know what Im gonna go delete my facebook page right now. Its a waste of time anyway. Why the fook do I wanna know if an old friend has just drank 5 shots of sambucca in a bar somewhere?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    everything you say makes sense!

    i'm thinking about leaving, i'd left earlier in the year and felt better for it, than joined again??!!

    facebook does seem full of folk trying to prove how popular they are and what a wicked social life they have. i remember the times when no one took a camara out with them, i certainly would not want pictures of sh*t faced on there!!

    and stalking?

    as far as social networks sites go i always prefered myspace. but everyone seems to on about facebook!! the layout is boring!!!

    also facebook is often in the news for lack of security.

    by the way how did you delete permently?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Fairplay to you fot deleting it. I myself deleted my bebo account a few moments ago. it was compleately taking over my life too. The reasons u deleted yours are basically the same reasons i deleted mine 2. plus i dint want everyone to know every single thing about my life. nothing is a secret anymore

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    sometimes i wanna delete my myspace account

    but then i like the fact that i talk to ppl who i havnt seen for many years

  • 1 decade ago

    Congrats! I felt the same way when I litter trained my cat

  • 4 years ago

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  • well done. :)

    i made a facebook, then after i while i deleted it.

    too much work, i couldnt be bothered with it ! :)

    myspace is way better. ? ;)


  • 1 decade ago

    I'm going to answer your question with another question! How long do you think it'll be until you regret deleting your facebook account?

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