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Different Forms of Spanish?

I heard a guy on the radio this morning saying that he was from spain and only spoke the educated spanish.. I thought mostly all spanish was the same from south america, spain and mexico with a bit a an accent and slang words.. What does he mean by educated spanish?

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    That guy was simply trying to put down everyone else who speaks Spanish that is not from Spain, which only shows his own uneducated opinion. In fact, most educated Spanish language speakers are not from Spain. It is very much as if some English person said that only English people speak educated English. That would definitely be a wrong statement. The same case goes to Spanish speakers. That guy you heard sounds like he was so full of himself ... and hot air! Educated Spanish is learned in ALL Spanish speaking countries. It refers to the usage of very nice words, while completely omitting slang, and street-language, as well as vulgar words, and it's usually spoken by well educated people. A great number of people from Spain do not speak educated Spanish, by the way.

    Spanish in different Spanish countries is not exactly the same, each has changed through time according to the needs and social dynamics of that country, and that doesn't mean they are speaking Spanish the wrong way. They have evolved Spanish in a different way. That's all. Spain's Spanish is not any better than other Spanish speaking countries ... Spain has evolved its own Spanish over time too.

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    He is simply a "snob", although the spanish language originated in Spain,( thanks to the spanish conquistadors and their gold lust on newly discovered lands ) it is pretty much spread out all over Central and South America, the conquerors not only impossed their religious beliefs, codes of conduct (or missconduct) and rules on the indigenous people (whose own way of life was quickly abolished by the blood thristy spaniards) they also forced them to learn their language, and YES, each country has their own accent and slang words etc. but we are able to understand each other fine and easily distinguish our origins. And NO Latin americans do not speak with a lot of Zzzzz like the Spaniards do but that does not mean we are uneducated! So who is to say which is the "Educated" Spanish and which one is not? Because focusing on where each obtain their language skills I would say we are pretty much the victims here.

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    He's being a bit of a snob. Think in terms of English: Brit, U.S., Australian, etc. It's the same idea. There are regional differences in accent, terminology, usage, etc. That said, the "Real Academia Española" (Spanish Royal Academy) is generally considered the ultimate source for the language. The Academy's dictionary usually includes regional differences however.

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    Twinkle is 100% right, while A velas is very confused! He confuses Spanglish with Spanish from Latin America. He's probably lived in the Latin American ghetto too long.


    To A Velas: Through my University exchange work, I have traveled and lived all over Latin America, and I have first-hand knowledge of how educated people's Spanish is. You are cordially invited to come and see for yourself and enjoy the incredibly wonderful people and beautiful language they speak, and not base your opinion on a few uneducated people you've heard speaking. Please do come to visit!

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    He's right, because most Latin American dialects have borrowed many words from English. They also use false friends with their false meanings, like in "remover" (in correct Spanish it means "to stir"), but they use it for "to remove"; or "sentencia" (which actually means "judgment" )for "sentence", instead of "oración"; or "carpeta" (which means "folder") for "carpet" (in correct Spanish it's "alfombra"). These are just some examples, and sometimes it's annoying to see so much English influence in our language.


    No, Beachgirl, I'm talking about Peruvians and other Latin Americans who I know and live here in my town, in Spain.

    And sometimes, when I search info in the web, I find it in .mx or .ar webs, and in UNIVERSITY websites, I find much English influence.

    Of course spanglish (it doesn't deserve caps) messed our language up, but I think everyone knows that.


    "how educated people's Spanish is" Do you mistake Spanish for Latin American? I think I know what country you come from...Not very far from those group of countries...

    When did I say Latin Americans are ignorant? I didn't, I just said that they have borrowed many words from English, and it's a shame because we have a beautiful language and they should be proud of it, because it's also their language. But they don't, they hate Spaniards so much that they are always insulting us, saying we are racist and invaded them 500 years ago CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN ME HOW DID I INVADE THEM 500 YEARS AGO??? , and of course, they hate our way of speaking and borrow words from English. Those expresions I said are real, from Latin Americans who haven't been to the U.S., probably you didn't realize they speak that way because English is your first language.

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    LOL!!! You killed me!!!. I guess he was just like winding up the locals, cos they are very sensitive about it. XDDDDDD

    Perhaps he wanted to have 1M latinos reminding him about the evil conquistadors, blood thirsty devilish spaniards that opressed the angel-like indians for centuries, and so on and on all night long....*huge LOL!!!*

    Naaayy, it's not about the Spaniards being more educated in the sense of having a more polite way of speaking (it's totally the contrary, in fact we are waaaaay more unpolite, swear a lot, and our swearings sound terribly rude to their ears!!!).It's more proper and smoother though. It's just that in Spanish from Spain, CAR is coche not "CARro", CARPET is alfombra not "CARPETa", COMPUTER is ordenador not "COMPUTador", OK is vale not "OK", (a) PRESENT is regalo not "PRESENTe", (to) PRETEND is fingir not "PRETENDer", people acknowledge the existance of the concept 2nd person plural (vosotros), "z","s" and "c" are all different letters, and a very long etc...

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    They have seseo taken by Andalusian conquerors, so they pronounce all like sasasasasa, and because of this, they ignore how to spell many words, they say "nesecito", or "lo cien to", or "no ce". Because of them, many people think Zaragoza is pronounced "Saragosa" (what is that?!)

    They are called HOYGAN on Spanish web, mainly because of their spelling mistakes.

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