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A question to people who hate the Big Ten?

Just curious...

It seems like there is a lot of hate out there for the Big Ten conference. Do you hate them because you're favorite team is like Pac Ten or SEC, or do you hate the conference for some other reason?

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    I love how 2 games = "they always choke"

    Didn't Ohio State win a national championship? Didn't they win something like 5 straight BCS bowl games?

    How come no one ever rips on Oklahoma? They haven't won a bowl game in years. And didn't they get beat in the NCG twice as well?

    And 2 years ago, Georgia is playing in the Georgia Dome and they get rolled by WVU. But that never comes up.

    USC won their 1 (count 'em, ONE) national championship playing in Los Angeles. LSU won their two playing in New Orleans.

    Maybe the BCS should move the championship game to some other sites. Why not play at Ford Field in Detroit. It was good enough for the Super Bowl. Or how about Minneapolis. Or St. Louis. Then maybe midwestern schools wouldn't be forced to play what are essentially road games for the championship.

    Seriously, can you imagine if Florida had to go to St. Louis to play Missouri for the national championship? It would certainly add an element to the game that has not previously existed.

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    I don't hate the Big 10, I just don't respect the conference. The problem I have with the Big 10, the Pac 10, and the Big East is that they are BCS conferences that do not have a conference championship game. That creates an unfair advantage over the conferences that do. Ohio State won the Big 10 the last two years without playing a conference championship game. Southern Cal did the same in the Pac 10. The theory is that the extra game is more competition that will put them up against another top team in their conference. It improves the quality of their schedule also.

    Are we really expected to get excited about a team that wins 11 games per year when half of their schedule is made up of teams like Akron, Ohio, Miami of Ohio, etc.

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    I don't hate the Big 10...but I do believe the SEC and the Big 12 are better conferences top to bottom. The Pac 10 is a one program conference. The Big 10 only has Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin. Michigan has really fallen off and while the Big 10 does have some rising programs(eg. Michigan State), there are only 3 top-tier conferences. The Big 12 and SEC just have more competitive teams top to bottom, which generally means its harder for them to get a record equal to that of a team in a relatively easy conference eg. say USC or BYU...I don't mind the Big 10. I hate the Pac 10.

    Source(s): Hey Ash, since your a Steelers supporter, would I be correct in assuming you a Penn State. supporter?
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    The Big Ten doesn't have a conference championship. When somebody mentions the Big Ten Conference I immediately think of Ohio State and OSU gets coddled by the media even with slim wins over mediocre schools that seem to dominate their yearly schedules. Ohio State has never won against an SEC team in a bowl game. Somebody mentioned that Iowa beat LSU in 2004. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. They may even find a buckeye nut in the near future.

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    I don't hate the Big Ten even though I bash them relentlessly. I just think they need to step up their level of play to match their ridiculous amount of admiration in the mainstream media. There are a couple good teams in the Big Ten but nowhere near the competition in the SEC. The coaching is very weak as well. Right now the only Big Ten team with a right to be in the Top 10 is Wisconson.

    But don't fret too much. The Pac 10 is a joke no one knows the answer to.

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    It's because the SEC gets screwed when it comes to the rankings becuase when you put teams like Auburn, South Carolina, ect. that has a better record than Michigan, and OSU, the Big Ten will always be put ahead of us becuase of who they are. The SEC hardly ever gets any respect, expect for maybe Bama which is BS. But really it's not the Big Ten we hate the most it's the PAC-10 teams like USC

  • They hate the big ten for the same reason your mom always told you that people in school picked on you...because they're jealous. The Big Ten has by far the best history of winning and the best record against all other conferences. This makes all other conferences (especially the SEC, since they were horrible and only really came into prominence in the last 2.5 seasons) insanely jealous, and ultimately, their fans come out of the woodwork and make ridculous & non-factual comments (then again, they are mostly from the area of the country responsible for all of our illiteracy & poverty that might account alot of their 'arguments').

    Take "Thepoosy" for example. That is a prime example of SEC intelligence & mentality. Either these people are functionally retarded, or they just got a cable TV two years ago & have a super-selective memory (they forget that crappy, middle-of-the-pack Big-10 teams like Iowa were demolishing teams like LSU & Florida not even 4 years ago...Hahahahaha!).

    What's more pathetic is that the Big-10 smack-talk all stems from OSU's preformance against the SEC. If you look at all of the other teams besides OSU, it's not even close. They like to generalize the whole conference based on Ohio State, which makes no sense. If we generlized their whole conference based on Florida or LSU's performances vs. the Big Ten, the SEC would look like the worst conference in the nation too (the past two seasons aside).

    Source(s): PSU = 7-4 vs SEC in bowl games (and we just crushed Tennessee the season before last) Edit; "here here!" David E, well said! It is halarious how the SEC tends to completey forget all of their recent shortcomings, but they intend never to let any team that they manage to beat forget theirs. Like I said above, (Iowa beat Florida in 2003, Iowa beat LSU in 2004,we all saw Michigan beat Florida @ Florida last year, PSU has rolled Tennesse twice and Auburn once in the last 10 years, I could go on & on & on...). There's not much you can say about the Pac-10. With the exception of USC, they are a complete non-threat. The Pac-10 is a one-team conference. USC would do well to break-off from the Pac-10 and become an independant.
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    I like the Big Ten but you have to admit: for at least the past twenty years, they haven't been that good. EVERY conference has a great team or two every year, but top to bottom the Big Ten has been middle of the pack at best.

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    I don't hate any conference, I respect them all for their own uniqueness, how can you hate Michigan vs Ohio State rivalry? Or UT vs OU, Bama vs Auburn, Miami vs Florida State? No, as a Big 12 fan I don't hate the Big 10.

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    as a Big Ten fan, I think they have gotten a bit confusing. Almost like they still think 'three yards and a cloud of dust' will still win football games outside of the Big Ten. Plus they need teams to improve other than O-state, Mich, and Penn st

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