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vacuum cleaner for cleaning car and baby car seat on regular basis?

Hello Parents

Could you please advice me on buying a vacuum cleaner for my baby's car seat. I was going to buy dyson's hand held one but the review said the battery time was only 4-5minutes after 3hrs of charging, therefore looking for something else that is good and handy and easy to store.

thanks for your reply.

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  • Mum
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    1 decade ago
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    we've had 4 hand held vacuum cleaners from the £100 dyson one to a £22.00 store brand and theyve all been rubish. youre better off buying a proper one with plenty of attachments and a extension lead.

  • 1 decade ago

    Best Handheld Vacuum:

    The Eureka 71A Hand-Held Vacuum ($50) is the best hand held vacuum per customer reviews on and on several other leading consumer sites. It offers strong suction with 5.5 amps and has a stretch hose that lets you clean upholstery, stairs, and cars with no problems. The revolving brush is powered by 1 motor while the suction is done by another motor. The Riser Visor is for carpeted stairs and there is an excellent crevice tool for hard to reach spots. The bagless filter and clean dust cup are easy to clean and the 20-foot cord is long enough for almost any job. Users say they love that it is lightweight (about 5 lbs), has lots of power, and it cleans pet hair off of fabric quite easily. A few people mention that the hose wand is a tad too short, but still say it manages to clean windowsills just fine. The Black & Decker CHV1500 15-3/5-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster ($50) is a close 2nd and worth mentioning here. The Dustbuster from Black & Decker has a HEPA filter and a cyclonic-action filter system. Owners say it charges fast, has powerful suction, and is a breeze to clean out. On board attachments include an upholstery brush and crevice tool while the translucent dust bin lets you see just how much debris, hair and dust you are collecting.

  • 6 years ago

    Ya sabía la calidad de los aspiradores así que no ha sido difícil decidirme de donde comprarme un aspirador de mano, he encontrado el producto perfecto a un precio perfecto, el aspirador lo uso tanto en la casa, en los lugares pequeños como también en el coche porque tiene una buena autonomía y una buena poder de succión.

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