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adventurous, helpful, bossy

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  • Kitty
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    1 decade ago
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    kind, fussy, calm, bossy, romantic, serious, quiet, talkative, brave, patient, sympathetic, adventurous, helpful, proud, spoiled, passionate, careful, observative, intellegent, happy, optimistic, noble, rude, aggressive, bestial, jealous, envious, sensitive, hyperactive, shy, earnest, knowledgeable, arrogant, pessimistic, pretentious, up-tight, loyal, faithful, understanding, hot-blooded, joyful, hesitant, stubborn, obedient, naughty, creative, brash, humble, ambitious, confident, disciplined, respectful, friendly, naive, perky, stern, avid, polite, gentle, caring, studious, mysterious, cold, distant, wild, humorous, strange, playful, outspoken, mature, obsessive, active, scary, cruel, flirtatious

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  • 1 decade ago

    Authoritative ,Stubborn, Generous, Gentle, Gossip, Happy, Humble,

    Humourous,HumourlesS, Responsible, Respectable

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  • kwok
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    1 decade ago

    nice, handsome, beautiful, kind, talkative, calm, cool,

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