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如何安全處理廢料, 環保署現己實行三色分類回收桶系統 , 但如果在大廈設計結構上配合環保改動 , 相信有很大幫助並非常重要, 現今香港有些大廈如能夠在設計結構配合, 在安全處理廢料時分開處理, 樓宇建設時如果可以設計有三條垃圾糟, 分(1) 可循環再用(藍廢紙、黃鋁罐、啡膠樽) , (2) 不可循環再用(生活廢物運住填區 , (3) 危險廢料(須要特別處理: 如電池, 漆油, 藥水…等)

如果樓宇是沒有垃圾糟設計, 便實行 :乾濕廢物分類計劃



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    How processes the waste material safely, environmental protection bureau present oneself practices the tricolor classification recycling bin system, but if coordinates the environmental protection in the building design structure to modify, believed has the very big help constant weight to want by no means, if nowadays Hong Kong some buildings like can 夠 in the design structure coordination, opens processing in the safe processing waste material time-sharing, time the building construction be possible to design have three trash to be bad, divides (1) may circulate uses (blue scrap paper, yellow aluminum pot again, fei rubber back), (2) cannot circulate uses (the life waste to transport again fills in the area, (3) dangerous waste material (must have to process specially:If battery, lacquer, liquid medicines…And so on)

    if the building does not have the trash bad design, then implements: Does the wet waste classification

    this project the goal is the penetration encourages and assists the estate management company to provide the waste in building each level to classify the facility, by facilitates the inhabitant may recycle material in the source classification waste and the expansion the type.The resident only must be possible to circulate the restoration waste, like the scrap paper, the metal and the revertex classify, then assigns the recovery point according to the category place in each level then to be possible, extremely convenient.

    The hope can help in the change design to be possible effectively the safe processing waste material.

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    How security handle a waste, the Environmental Protection Administration is personal to practice a three colors classification recovery a bucket system now, but if design structure a top to match with an environmental protection to change to move in the mansion, believe to do a lot of good also count for much, at present some mansions in Hong Kong if can be designing a structure concert, separate a processing when the security handle a waste, building Yu construction hour if can design three garbages bad, cent(1) can circulate to use(blue wastepaper, yellow aluminum bottle, Fei gum Zun) (2)again, can't circulate again use(life the discard luck live to fill area,(3) dangerous waste(must handle particularly%3 As,such as battery,, paint oil, medicine water …etc.)

    If the building Yu has no garbage bad design, practicing then%the 3 As dry and wet discard classification plan

    This planned purpose is through the encouragement and the help thing industry to manage a company each provide the discard classification the facilities in the building Yu, with convenient residents at source head the category which categorize discard and extension and can recover a material. The citizen only need can circulate to give a new life of discard, as the wastepaper, metals and the plastics categorize like, then press the category to put to put in the appointed recovery of each one to order then can, very convenient.

    Hoping to be changing a design's canning help can be availably safe to handle a waste.

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