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How many of you love to go at a Muslim Mosque? i am a Hindu boy?

1 few days before i go to travel jama masjid in night

than there was time of muslim prayer.

2 by mistake i go there where muslim prays,and they make me stand in life,than i read namaj for about 15 minutes.

3 i feel very great there,i not feel that much great ness in a temple,in mosque there is so much disciplane,i not find it in any temple.i feel that i am calling true god which is formless and shapeless,i feel very happy in a mosque.

4 now whenever i go in that market for some purpose i go in a mosque,till now i had visited mosque for 5 times.

5 now i am going for mtv roadies audition ,to became an mtv roadie,i will go today in mosque to get blessings from god,i am hindu but i feel great happiness in worshiping god in mosque instead of temple,because in temple idol is worshiped and god is formless and shapeless.

give your views and answers in points like










10 god bless you all brothers and sisters

jai sri krishna

jai jesus christ

jai muhammad

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    Peace and blessings be upon you.

    Be where you are comfortable .

    The mosque is the home of the God ,people in it come only for the God.

    I always compare between meditation and praying ; praying is confession from all the body parts beside the soul that all the person submitted to the God.

    but meditation make people alone , separate them from each other , but in pray .all stand one line as one man ,united on one word and talk only by the words of the God.

    I know people meditate continuously but I see them depressed.

    We pray in the same way as the prophet Mohammed prayed and he learnt from the God.

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    Well I would have tried going inside one if they allowed or were normal to women who dont wear burka

    Do Muslims think that anything with a body and shape is sinful or bad or to be mistreated always be it God or woman?

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    thats nice :) whichever it is as long as it is a good religion, do learn more about the positive aspect and keep the commandments. i do wish to visit a mosque one day too to see for myself what it meant to be a muslim but nevertheless i am adamant on my own faith. god bless.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There must be a muslim neighbour in your neighbourhood, responsible for your birth.

    Check with yr mom

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    so are you a muslim?

    if your not and you feel right when you go to mosque

    maybe you should look into the muslim religion a little..

    its a beautiful regilion:)

  • 1 decade ago

    i love to go to mosque. of course muslim mosque.

    what is jai?

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