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Guaglione translation?

Does anyone have the English translation to these lyrics?


mario marini

staje sempe cá, 'mpuntato cá,

'miez'a 'sta via,

nun mange chiù nun duorme chiù

che pecundría!

gué piccerí' che vène a dí

'sta gelusia?

tu vuó' suffrí,

tu vuó' murí,

chi t'o ffá fá...

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    Could this be the English translation?

    "Boy" by Mario Marini

    You're always there, stuck there,

    In the middle of the street,

    You no longer eat, no longer sleep

    How melancholy!

    There's a little one who comes daily

    Is it jealousy?

    You want to suffer.

    You want to die.

    Who wants you to do it....

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    The song's in Neopolitan dialect, so it's really different from standard Italian - but I'll try my best to translate it.


    Mario Marini

    staje sempe cá, 'mpuntato cá

    Stays always ? ? ?

    'miez'a 'sta via

    ? goes away

    nun mange chiù nun duorme chiù

    Doesn't eat or sleep anymore

    che pecundría!

    What a predicament(?)

    gué piccerí' che vène a dí

    ? ? that goes to God

    'sta gelusia?

    Is he(?) jealous?

    tu vuó' suffrí

    You want to suffer

    tu vuó' murí

    You want to die

    chi t'o ffá fá

    That I did to you (?)

    Curre 'mbraccio addu mammá

    ? hug goodbye to mama

    nun fá 'o scemo piccerí'

    Don't do ? dumb ?

    dille tutt''a veritá

    Tell them all the truth

    ca mammá te pò capí...

    ? mama it could happen to you

    E passe e spasse sott'a stu barcone

    And it passes and ? under your balcony

    ma tu si' guaglione

    But you, yes, boy

    Tu nun canusce 'e ffemmene

    You don't know any girls

    si' ancora accussí giovane!

    You're still young! (?)

    Tu si' guaglione!

    You, yes, boy (?)

    Che t'hê miso 'ncapa?

    What put that in your head? (?)

    va' a ghiucá 'o pallone

    Go play ball

    Che vònno dí sti llacreme?

    What ? of these tears?

    Vatté', nun mme fá ridere!

    Get out, you make me laugh!

    Nun 'e ppittá, nun 'allisciá


    sti mustacciélle

    These ?

    Nun cerca a te, nun só' pe' te

    Doesn't look for you, doesn't know about you (?)

    chill'uocchie belle

    Who's beautiful eyes

    Nun 'a penzá, va' a pazziá

    Don't think, go crazy (?)

    cu 'e guagliunciélle

    ? ? little girls

    Nun t'avvelí


    c'è tiempo oje ni'

    There's time ? ?

    pe' te 'nguajá!

    For you ?

    Chi desidere 'e vasá

    Who you want ? ?

    scordatélla, piccerí'


    ca si 'o ddiceno a papá,

    ? yes ? say no to daddy

    chisá comme va a ferní...

    Who knows how it's going to end (?)

    Source(s): Italian major in college.
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