who do you think is gonna win from Gs to Gents?

The Truth Eliminated for speaking over Mr. Bentley, being very talkative, and disrespecting the other members.

Pretty Ricky Eliminated for being intoxicated, was shown urinating on the G's to Gents Club house wall, wore a white jacket over his Navy Blazer at the Chapter Meeting, and ultimately did nothing to show he wanted to change.

Mikey P Eliminated: During this shows airtime, Mikey P. let it be known that he has a House, and a Motorcycle. Fonzworth thought Mikey P. was already in a stable position in his life and was sent home because of this.

Zenel Eliminated: "Model and Actor" Zenel was Eliminated from the show when Mr. Bentley discovered that Zenel has/had a Modeling Contract and did not need the Experience that a "G to Gent" would go through.

J Boogie Eliminated: J.boogie was eliminated from the show when it was discovered that J.Boogie worked as an Office Assistant at a Laboratory. He was eliminated at that Chapter Meeting.

Kesan Eliminated: Kesan ; A confrontation between Kesan and Creepa concerning Kesan being on the phone with his girlfriend too long resulted in Kesan being put into a playful chokehold by his "big brother"(Creepa). Kesan didn't sleep that night and went around the next day threatening his housemates' sleeptime with a knife. Due to the constant disagreement with the rest of the group as well as him explaining his anger problem, Kesan was ejected out of the house/club after the others had an intervention with Bentley about the situation.

Stan Eliminated: Stan ; Stan was eliminated for his disrespect towards women. Mr. Bentley did not see Stan trying to resolve this issue and so he was eliminated.

Shaun Eliminated: ; Eliminated because Mr. Bentley thought of Shaun as "too smart" for the competition and so did Shaun himself. Shaun decided to "Black Ball" himself at the 6th Chapter Meeting.

D-boy Eliminated D-boy ; D-Boy's consistent disrespect to the other cast members consequently led to his demise at the Later Elimination Ceremony.

T-Jones Eliminated T-Jones. T-Jones was eliminated because Mr.Bentley felt the other members of the G's to Gent house (most of whom were fathers) needed the money more then he did. He was eliminated at that meeting.

Creepa Still in the Competition

Shotta Still in the Competition

E6 Still in the Competition

Cee Still in the Competition

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    oo noo i wanted t-jones to win! : ( but lets see from the ones left i think creepa is going to win..he had the longest way to go and he has had the greatest impact on mr.bentley because he really needs this

  • siwani
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    4 years ago

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    before the show aired, and they were showing the contestants i said Creepa is going to win, just for the fact that he is going to have the most incredible transformation, from a G to a Gent, like his teeth, how he talks and everything...all the remaining are Gs but like Creepa is going to be the most amazing transformation....

  • i want creepa ta win and i think he mite jus hve a gudd shott of winning :)

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