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eating habits during ramadan?

Asalaamu Alaikom brothers and sisters! Ramadan Mubarak to you all! How is your Ramadan?????? Insha'Allah it is well! problem is my eating habits. When I wake up for Suhar, I can't eat anything because I start gagging if I try to eat in the morning, especially that early. If I can eat anything, its usually half a sandwich and some water, and even that makes me gag!

Then of course I fast all day.....Then during Iftar, when I try to eat, I am not hungry and can only eat maybe the other half of the sandwich, and some water, and tonight, I was able to eat some fruit too. My problem is during Suhar and Iftar and I'm allowed to eat, I can't because i'm either too full, or gagging. What do I do? I go 24 to 48 hour periods, with only a sandwich and water.....I think it's starting to take a toll on me. I'm starting to feel weak and crazy tired, and having charley horses (very painful cramps) in mysleep.

If you guys have any ideas on how to het more in my system without gagging or anything please let me know! Shukran Jazilan


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    take a multi vitamin. eat dates and drink milk. during suhoor and iftar, try to eat as much as you can with great nutrience. Water has no nutrience. Eat fiber 1 cereal with whole milk and a date. Try to stay as healthy as possible.

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    Wa alaikum salam my dear friend Eating habit during ramadan should be changed just a little about the menu and its time for suhar(breakfast). and iftar (dinner).Out of ramadan I have breakfast at about 7.00 AM and now I have suhar at 4.00 AM. I have dinner in ramadan and out of ramadan just the same after maghrib time.My doctor said that eating for dinner do not so near to the sleeping time I sleep at about 9.30 every night.

    If you have an eating problem in line with your habit,I think you are better to eat vitamines,dates and honey and drinkmilk and fresh water onlyDo not drink tea,coffee and soft drinks.We must drink at least 1 1/2 litre of fresh water a day.Maybe you are better to consult a nutritionist doctor if you have no appetite and feel weak

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    Unless you're planning on sleeping during the daylight hours and being active only once the sun goes down, you're unlikely to find a satisfactory answer. Eating your daily calories only in the morning or evening, seperated by a large gap of nothing is really not a healthy way to live for a month.

  • salam sister

    allah help u

    why not u eat just so little in breack fast like a cup of milk or orange jus and some dattes

    and u take a delicous dinner

    in sohoor eat just some dattes and drink water

    i want say dont eat much in break fast or sohoor to feel hangry in dinner and eat good

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    MashAllah, all the brothers and sisters gave great advice. I would like to add one more thing. I really recommend that you drink first. First you have to drink sister, to open your apetite, dont go straight to eating something. First drink a little ( I recommend warm, not hot or cold, but warm) green tea, and then drink more up to about half a glass. But if u dont like green tea, regular tea or water is fine as well. Then definitely have some yogurt, atleast 3 spoons and follow with wat they recommend, soup is a good idea, fruits (banana is great) and if u can, atleast have one date.

    InshAllah that will help sister

    Salaam Alaykum

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    Salaam Alaykom sister,

    At least I'm not only the one who suffer from the lost of the appetite,during day time when I am fasting I feel so hungry but when it's time to eat I only have some milk and dates and that's it I'm full without any food the same thing happens to me at sohour time ,usually I feel tired I just wanna lie down .I wish I can help you but I can't Sorry !

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    Salam Sister,

    Try to eat dates and milk and also, soup. Soup is easy to eat (drink?) and it's good for you. It's also hot which will open your stomack.

    Do you try to eat after taraweeh? Like just eat some dates and drink some milk and/or orange juice after maghrib , then after isha and taraweeh you should be hungry. then you can eat some meat, vegetables and other rich-healthy food

    I found this website about ramadan diet.

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    In the morning try to eat plain yogurt and in the evening something a little spicy will help your appetite good luck I hope this helps.

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    i am havin the same issue this yr

    just eat yogurt and things high in vitamins and energy

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    It is haram to gag while eating food as it is disrespectful to Allah.

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