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Can somebody put the words (not the video) to Dick Vitales Hall of Fame Speech?

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    Here's the transcripts of Dick Vitale's speech

    " I'm so honored, Absolutely thrilled beyond belief That you would be here tonight. I have such great respect, integrity, loyalty, friendship but i would also like to thank you, Several months ago Bob Knight allowed us to raise for 1 night 1.2 million dollars for cancer.

    I sit here in awe, I see the face of John Thompson, I see a Magic Johnson a coaches dream, Last night it broke my wife into tears, your love, your passion, your unbelievable dreams a coaches dreams. I tried to recruit Magic, i was at the University of Detriot we really had no chance, He was heading to Michigan state but i wanted the winners edge so i told my assistant. We are going to go 7 in the morning, before all those recruiters and were going to talk to Magic, one last time. And what it would be like to own the city of Detriot, to be in the motor city and to be man. We knock on the door and when it opened. I said i wanna see Magic just wanna have breakfast. Her mother said i'm sorry coach, Magic's not here he's on the playground. Playground snowing there was ice i walk out and looked at this kind. around his back and between his legs. He didn't know i was watching. I got down in my catholic religion. The miracle worker Saint Jude and i said to him "Saint Jude i've been a good guy this year, Please let me get Magic" But Magic you let me down, You went to Michigan State and you know i would have given anything to coach you.

    When i look at this room, On the right i see a Jerry West, I see a Bob Cousy and John Havlicek. I'll take you on a journey at my life early 60's, I wanted to be a Coach and said i wanna be like Red Auerbach the definition of the NBA, Understood how to win. I said what was so difficult on what he does. He teaches a rebound, a pass or shot. But his rebound was number 6 Russell, he was a windex man, my rebounder he could not go over a telephone book. Well i tried to play like the Celtics, But we couldn't but i learned many things from them.

    My family i have my dream team, It starts with my wife. Learn the miracle of 1969. It was the miracle of Richard J. Vitale as i ran to this beautiful red head and i can't ever ever forget, the first day i laid my eyes on her and many of my coaches and budies were there. I said guys you have no shot. That was mine. Magic i may have lost my battle with you over recruiting but not that battle. I want that battle baby and i would tell you this Lorraine anybody who knows my wife said 37 years living with that guy, Lorraine i love you so much.37 of the greatest years a man could ever had. You've been on my side, good times and the bad. My brother and my sister are here and are hall of famer in there right. I came from a family full of love. I will never forget my dinner table. My mother were uneducated 5th grade at best. I will never forget what she said to me. "Richie chase your dreams" All my life i chase my dreams and because of her inspiration. My dad i watch i learned about work ethic, my dad never miss a days work.

    I went to Chapel hills, It was Duke against North Carolina, And i heard the students chanting Dickie V Dickie V, I began to cry, Unbelievable Unbelievable and i said for all the fans i love you so much, To all the players and coaches, To all the beautiful people that have opened there hearts to me. To allow me to be here. It's subjective to talk about as a contributor. It is not subjective when you talk about Pat Riley a master communicator, a Patrick Ewing a defensive dynamo, an Adrian Dantley a scoring machine, Olajuwon Hakeem. I would never forget being in a hotel lobby with you and when we got to the elevator just the 2 of us. And i shook your hand and said someday your going to be special because you're agile, mobile, hostile and not fragile.

    Tonight belongs to my dream team.My wife, terri, sheri, my sister, my brother, and most of all my mom and my dad. I know you are not here, but i know you're here in spirit and i love you so much. That thrive that determination, That desire to chase my dreams, the believe that is the simple formula in life. Pasion plus Work ethic plus good decision making in your personal life equals W, Winning in the game of life. God bless you!

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