R/P: have you ever been...?

sorta FORCED to listen to music you dont like?

~another story~

well, today at the fair (different story than last time... the fair sucked today) me, my friend, and her nephew were getting on the ferris wheel. so we get in the seat, and the dude working the ride had the radio going, it was playing Let It Be, one of my favorite songs ever, but my luck, it was just the middle of the song, and we go to the top, and we're up there for quite awhile, im listening to the song, and then the next one comes on. its some stupid R&B tune. i dont know WHAT station he was listening to!!!


and get on the twister... they start BLARING rap.

it was either 50 Cent, or Lil Wayne, it was HORRIBLE, and i was sitting with my friend's nephew, and he told me that was his favorite song... and he's FIVE.

~today was so full of fail~

OH one more thing, when she was driving me home, she pulled off the side of the road to let me drive, and she puts in this CD.

she told me to guess who it was, i swear he sounded EXACTLY like jesse mccartney.

so said him, and she said no,

it was making me mad, i wanted her to turn it off, she only would if i guessed who sang it.

so i hear the phrase "burning up" i IMMEDIATELY pulled over, and took out that CD.

i was so pissed.

OKAY, i'll do another MQ, because i'm talking too much

MQ1- have you been forced to listen to music you hate?

MQ2- what's your favorite album cover?


*angels sing*

in my art class, thankfully, my art teacher has AWESOME music taste.

he plays a LOT of the stuff i like.

unfortunately the kids in there do not.

imagine came on one day... and the girl next to me did NOT know that song... i mean, come on.

and the guy across from me has the EXACT same taste in music as me.... BUT he likes slipknot, ICP, and korn.

he drew a Slipknot mask on his folder.... :0

i just pretend NOT to think about that side of him lol

Update 2:

oh, and awhile back, i was with my best friend, her mom & her neighbor, we were going to the Robinson mall in PA, and her neighbor was messing with the radio, and he turned on this freaking mainstream.

it was TWO HOURS OF i kissed a girl.

i wanted to leap out the window

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    Yeah... I was getting a ride home from volleyball, and two girls in the front were BLASTING mainstream rap music the whole time. It was so embarassing. Fortunately I had my iPod with and tried to cover the noise with Led Zeppelin... it wasn't quite loud enough, though.

    Another time, at work, I forgot my iPod, and I was down in the warehouse to check some things, and this 17 year old kid got control of the radio, and he put on this R&B station. They played some Sex in the Kitchen song, and I swear it is THE worst song ever. That was horrible.

    For volleyball, we had to make a warm-up CD, and I was forced to listen to some really bad pop songs for an hour or so while they decided what to include, and I became a social outcast. Also, every night before our games I have to listen to this CD. It's not fun.

    Oh, and once when I was riding the bus to a volleyball tournament, the girls in the back of the bus were singing along to someone's iPod, and they sang Metro Station's Shake It for 10 minutes. I thought I was going to throw-up.

    MQ2: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:J._Geils_Band_-...

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    Unfortunately, a lot more than I would like recently. My sister killed her car and I have been forced to chauffeur her around for the last several weeks. She always complains about what I listen to, apparently it's all boring. When I get tired of her whining and just want her to shut up, I let her put on whatever she wants. Lately she's become obsessed with modern country, most of which I hate, and she's discovered a local radio station that plays that music. I do not enjoy it.

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    MQ1: Oh wow, how relevant, I am right now lol. I'm sitting in my dormitory room and the guy across the hall is listening to some sort of Lil' Wayne tune or other song that is not worth my time. Problem is that it's SO loud that I can't listen to my iPod to drown it out. I guess he feels the need to let us all in on the secret that he loves bad music.

    MQ2: I like the Highway To Hell cover because of the sheer simplicity, yet the fact that it's instantly recognizable.

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    Wow, that day sucks terribly. Sorry about that.

    MQ1: Yes, I was forced to listen to the Jonas Brothers in Gym Class. They thought it would make us run faster. They always play music. Normally, it's good. They always played Metallica last year. I mean, Master of Puppets pumps me up for some running. But not "Burning Up". God Dayum. That sucked.

    MQ2: My favorite album cover is from the Alice In Chains album 'Dirt'.

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    Yes yes yes. I made my friend go through music education, which, okay, was kind of mean of me, but I just played some Who and Beatles and Grateful in the car one day. So a few days later she made me listen through the whole entire Little Bit Longer CD. I think I died a little bit that day :(

    Favorite album cover--The Beatles Anthology.

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    Last year was when all the Bar/Bat Mitzvahs happen. That was hell. 3-6 hours of rap, pop, the Jonas Brothers and "Sweet Caroline" (that song was played at every single one) is enough to make anybody contemplate suicide. Not to mention that all there is to do at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs is listen to the shitty music and dance, neither of which I do. Luckily, one of them was at D&B, one had a foosball table and another had a poker table. The rest...

    The Beatles- The White Album. Plain and Simple. or Abbey Road...

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    You have lots of stories!

    One time my class was on a field trip and the bus ride was 3 hours each way. The whole way some girls in front of us were singing along to an iPod filled with mainstream pop and hip hop.

  • MQ1: Yeah, in my dentist's waiting room, the radio was playing a JoBro song. Ugh.

    MQ2: The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

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    Yes. All of my friends listen to new country (?). Not sure why. I can't stand the stuff but, it's just my luck that they all have country blaring at their houses... ALL THE TIME! I just have to escape to the safe musical confines of my iPod, when that happens. My favortie album cover is porbably Sgt. Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band. : ) I heard the band, Cake has a scratch and sniff album cover... pretty interesting, it you ask me.

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    Yes! My friend was driving me home after a football game, and she had the rap station on. I had to listen to, "lolli lolli lolli..." Ugh. I don't even know what it's called, and that's fine with me.

    Another story: My friend was trying to convince me that I would like the Jonas Brothers if I gave them a chance. She made me listen to a WHOLE song by them. Oh my gosh, it was torture.

    My friends have crappy music taste.

    And in my photography class, we always have the radio on. My friend and I always change it to a rock station. But, this one girl goes, "what is this crap?" and changes it to a rap station. We change it back again, and then she also changes it. :[

    *Edit: Also, in my foods class, my teacher asked us to shout out stations we wanted to listen to. Everyone, of course, shouted out the crap stations. But thankfully, last class he had some classic rock on.

    MQ2: Not my favorite, but I really like Facelift by Alice in Chains. It's so colorful, haha. But kind of creepy.


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