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how to whiten my teeth?

get whiter teeth and better breath

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    I like what the first guy said about reducing red wine, coffee, smoking, etc etc. use an ADA approved tooth paste. A Sonicare may also help whiten a bit.

    After that, try the Crest whitestrips - there really isn't a better over-the-counter whitener on the market (no, i don't work for crest...) they'll set you back about 30 bucks for a months supply. if your diet is consistent (see above) you dont have to use them constantly. use for a 2-4 weeks...then stop for a few months... buy some more if you want to "touch up" your smile.

    if you still aren't happy w/ the results, go to a licensed dentist and ask for a whitening tray. These will cost maybe $150-250 per ARCH (so twice that if you want to bleach your lowers as well, which is probably not so important...). These trays can be reused and the whitening gel should last a while and you can buy more as needed.

    As for the in-office bleaching ("lasers", Zooom, etc) these are usually more money and NO MORE EFFECTIVE than the previous two methods, so don't do that.

    none of these treatments will have ANYthing to do w/ improving your breath! That can be done w/ regular brushing, flosssing, maybe a mouth wash (i'm parital to listerine and crest Pro-health) as well as being sure to brush your TONGUE and other soft oral tissues.

    good luck!

    Source(s): i'm a dentist!
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    The best whiteners are the ones purchased from the dentist they last for 1 year if kept in the refridgerator, I use mine every couple of months it's so easy, the ones on the shelf are simply a gimmick, as are toothpaste whiteners.

    To keep the breath fresh brush teeth gums tongue and cheeks regularly.

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    My advice is to see your dentist. They have the best option to whiten teeth. I am about to have mine whitened, too. I've tried the whitening strips and they work to some degree, but not white enough for me. The whitening toothpastes will make your teeth sensitive. At least that's what happened to mine. The best one that I've used was the Aquafresh whitening toothpaste. Good luck.

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    Stop smoking.

    Stop drinking tea or coffee.

    Use floss daily.

    Buy a whitening toothpaste or the teeth whitening strips available at most supermarkets.

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  • Anonymous
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    I've heard the whitening strips really help.

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    as hard as this is...just brush them 2-3 times a day...and don't half-*** brush them, I mean brush thoroughly, floss, and rinse with mouth wash. I recommend listerine.

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