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Please e-mail me if you attend/attended Colombia University and have advice. Thank you.?

I am a Junior in high school and hope to attend Colombia University. My freshman year I had mostly A's with a B and a C. Sophomore year I had all A's except for B's in math and science the first semester and C's in the those two subjects the second semester. Although I didn't do well in those subjects I know I can get excellent recommendations from those teachers. For my freshman and sophomore year I attended a small nontraditional and rigorous boarding school where I participated in two seasons of soccer, two seasons of the equestrian program, one season of lacrosse, and one season of cross country. The boarding school had no staff aside from the teachers so the students did all the work including farming, cooking, and cleaning. I have not taken the SAT yet, I assume I will do well even in math and science, and particularly in writing. This year I am taking AP English, history, and Environmental Science, and Gate (honors) pre-calculus, video production, and my third year of Spanish at our community college. My electives from previous years include Gender Studies, Representational Drawing, Creative Writing, Da Vinci Studies, Film Studies, Fundamentals in Art, and Web design. I plan to take at least 4 more writing and media related electives at the community college. I was freshman class vice president and wrote for the school's news paper for a semester. I play guitar and Piano. I plan to do as many hours of community service this year as possible and intern with a local news paper or media related business. By the time I graduate I will have taken (as well as the electives mentioned above) Honors Algebra 1, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus: English 9,10, AP English 11,12; World History, AP US history, AP Economics; Natural Science, Chemisry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics; and 4 years of Spanish. I plan on applying to Colombia but I realize I am lacking in the grade and extracurricular department. Any suggestions to help improve my application? I am not sure if it will help but I am sure I can get excellent recommendations from the teachers at my boarding school.

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    You should start by learning how to spell Columbia (unless you are referring to a university in the South American country, in which case I retract my statement).

    Furthermore, there is no science section on the SAT.

    But seriously, just make sure you get A's all of junior year (colleges look for improvement over the high school years), 5's on all your AP's, ace the SATs and try to get recommendations from junior year teachers.

    Source(s): I graduated from a better Ivy league school
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