Study in Ecuador??? What should I do? ?

I am planning to study in ecuador to get either my masters or just study for a semester or something.

I am from Ecuador, Spain and italy and my parents have a house in Ecuador.

Should I go and study there or should I just stay in the U.S.?

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    Having studied in ecuador for a semester - and hating it intensely while I was there - I would highly recommend going to Ecuador. Sounds like a contradiction, doesn't it...

    Especially in your situation, even without knowing much of it - I say go for it, you already have a home waiting for you! Knowing what I know now, I would go back in a second. There are many things about being in Ecuador that I miss now and wish I had taken more advantage of while I was there.

    My recomendations, though:

    *Be very outgoing - it's hard to do (especially in Quito) because Ecuadorian college students are not so outgoing themselves when it comes to welcoming strangers. But, if you make the effort to introduce yourself, ask them questions or especially advice, and put yourself out there, you should get good results.

    *Make friends - even if they're other students from the U.S. I didn't do this well, and as a result was miserable for much of my trip. Loneliness really sets in hard when you're on another continent with none of your friends or family from home.

    *Go everywhere and do everything you get the opportunity to go/do. Especially if you'll only be there a semester - you might not get another chance. I had to choose between the Galapagos or Machu Picchu for a long holiday weekend, it was SO difficult. Being a biology major I went to the islands, but now I'm dying to go back and see more of the country (and the whole region!)

    *If you'll only be there a short time, try to take classes that are not going to make you or break you as far as your degree. If you're stressed about your coursework and grades, you will not be able to enjoy the culture and experiences as much as if you're not worrying about your grades.

    *Always carry your backpack on your front when on public transportation - pay attention to your stuff and don't let anyone touch it or help you with it.

    *Don't expect to be able to cash a $20 bill if you're not at a bank.

    *Settle the price of your cab ride before you get in the taxi or be sure there's a taximetro - in town it shouldn't be more than $2-3 unless it's nightime, your going to the airport, or there are more than 2 of you.

    *Eat the street food! Be choosey about cleanliness and such, but definately eat the street food!

    *If a group of little kids surrounds you - guard your wallet.

    Source(s): hindsight
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