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native american plant traditions/customs?

does anyone know of any native american traditions or customs that involve plants (specifically on the venus fly trap)?

any help with customs on this specific plant would be awesome!

any knowledge appreciated

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  • 1 decade ago
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    John Bartram, born in 1699, is credited with finding the Venus's flytrap, for the Western world, which he called "tipitiwichit", which sounds native American to me.

    But Tipitiwitchet is an obscure name; no one is certain of the derivation and there is conjecture that perhaps the word meant 'naughty'.

    Perhaps you are thinking of "Huntsman's cup "(Sarracenia purpurea)an insectivorous bog plant, similar to Pitcher plants and native to North America?

    In his book, American Medicinal Plants, Charles Millspaugh writes of Mr. Herbert Miles, Assistant Surgeon to the Royal Artillery. Miles was stationed in Canada when an epidemic of smallpox broke out among the Natives. His report to the military read, "an old squaw going amongst them, and treating the cases with the infusion (of S. purpurea)...was so successful as to cure every case".

    The military decided to test the huntsman's cup infusion at the Small-pox Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia. It "proved to be without any curative powers in this disease". But in a retort against the way the doctors had used the infusion, Mr. F. H. Bignell, presented a paper to the Quebec Geographical Society. His paper stated, "...I may mention that, to my personal knowledge, this precious root not only saved my brother's life, but its use also appears to wholly obviate the unsightly pitting common to the disease; if it is extracted and dried at the proper season."

    Indians also used Youpon hollies, ilex vomitoria for an interesting ritual. Native Americans used the leaves and stems to brew a tea called asi or black drink for male-only purification and unity rituals. The ceremony included vomiting, and Europeans incorrectly believed that it was the drink itself that caused it (hence the Latin name). The active ingredient is actually caffeine, and the vomiting was either learned or as a result of the great quantities in which they drank the beverage.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The venus fly trap is only native to parts of North and South Carolina. I know of no use for it in our medicine or traditions.

    Source(s): enrolled tribal member
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  • 4 years ago

    hashish isn't a plant close by to united statesa.. that's from asia, and wasn't delivered to united statesa. until eventually the 1920's. close by individuals by no potential used the plant, ever. it isn't area of any custom. Peyote isn't smoked, both. it really is made into tea and lower than the effect of alcohol. it isn't executed to "get extreme" it really is executed ceremonially, and in an particularly diluted type. Tobacco replaced into smoke ceremonially, not recreationally. There are different herbs that were each and every each and every so often added to the blend, and those multiple via tribe and region. My united states don't have a convention of the pipe, so i'm not particular, yet i trust sage and sweetgrass and cedar were probable used, as those are also sacred plants.

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