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What would my size at Hollister and Abercrombie be?

I wear a medium in American Eagle and Aeropostle. Would I be a medium in hollister and abercrombie too? I have to order online cause we dont have any of them around here!

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    youll probably be a large... hollister and abercrombie sizes tend to run a little small

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    American Eagle's sizes are slightly larger than Hollister and Abercrombie. I fit into Hollister and Abercrombie way before I fit into American Eagle. So if you want to be safe, I'd go a size larger. But if you got a medium you'd probably be fine too....maybe a little tight though.

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    for a t-shirt size probably medium or large hollister and abercrombie makes there stuff alot tighter than american eagle make sure to check the measurments on the website

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    I wear a medium at AE and I'm a large at hollister and abercrombie because their clothes tend to shrink just a little so i would go for large

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    Well...I'm 14 and

    I wear a Large or sometimes an X-tra Large at abercrombie

    Small at Hollister

    X-tra small at Aeropostale

    X-tra Small at American Eagle.

    Hope that helps you.

    I think there are size charts on both abercrombie and Hollister's websites, so try that!

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    are you talking about shirts?

    you can use their size charts if you click on an item

    you can use like some measuring tape or a peice of string and a ruler

    measure your bust and waist and write down the measurements and compare them to the charts on the size

    but just to be safe i think abercrombie hollister and AE all run the same size charts so medium then

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    You would probably be a large. American eagle and aeropostal runs large. I wear a medium in aero and ae and its a little small. But a large in hollister fits perfect.

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    you would be a extra large at abercrombie. probably

    and large at hollister.

    im a small at american eagle and a medium/large at abercrombie

    and a medium at hollister. :)

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    a large at hollister

    i wear smalls at hollister but smalls at american eagle are sometimes too big

    it really depends on what kinda shirt it is

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    A large.

    Hollister and A&F run a little smaller than AE and Aero.

    Plus, they're stuff shrinks up, BAD!

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