How Come John McCain is loved but, John Kerry was "Swiftboated"? ?

The Republican Party wants to pretend that John McCain is a great hero, and he might be, but why was John Kerry's service in Vietnam questioned by them?

How come Patriotism is always one sided to the GOP?

How come there is never a logic answer to this question?


Doen't a man who's fought in a war have the right to object to it?

Update 2:

If you view horrible actions by your fellow workers are you a traitor if you expose them or do you have bravery that it take to stand up?

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    Col. Bud Day, his Medal of Honor and the McCain campaign's abuse of our nation's highest award for valor.

    By involving his Medal of Honor in politics and using it as an authority to trash other veterans, Day has "opened up his character as a war hero" for criticism. Day planted the standard for himself when he said that "Kerry's character is not only fair game, it is the primary issue."

    Day's character and the legitimacy of his Medal of Honor "is not only fair game, it is the primary issue."

    Military regulation requires that before the award of a Medal of Honor can be considered, unquestionable proof in the form of eyewitnesses must be provided.

    Day had no witnesses because he was alone. Why was the "eye witnesses" requirement waived for Day?

    Who approved Day for the Medal of Honor and did McCain or his admiral father have anything to do with it?

    John McCain and Bud Day have formed a political tag team to deflect inquiries about McCain's questionable conduct while in captivity. They have cynically used the Medal of Honor as a shield - but in the process they have stained it.

    Songbird McCain gave the enemy information that gave them about a 60% increase in tactical advantage

    John McCain Radio Broadcast on June 2, 1969 in Ha Noi

    proving in his case "Country before self" and "Code of Honor" are outright lies!!

    Today he is claiming "when they learned my dad was an admiral they offered me early release"

    His own words in his personal account given to "USNews and World Report" show THAT is a LIE!!

    John McCain, Prisoner of War: A First-Person Account

    By John S. McCain

    I said, "O.K., I'll give you military information if you will take me to the hospital." He left and came back with a doctor, a guy that we called "Zorba," who was completely incompetent. He squatted down, took my pulse. He did not speak English, but shook his head and jabbered to "The Bug." I asked, "Are you going to take me to the hospital?" "The Bug" replied, "It's too late." I said, "If you take me to the hospital, I'll get well." "Zorba" took my pulse again, and repeated, "It's too late." They got up and left, and I lapsed into


    Sometime later, "The Bug" came rushing into the room, shouting, "Your father is a big admiral;

    now we take you to the hospital."

    the point is they KNEW his dad was an admiral within days of his capture

    In that same article in his own words he mentions Christmas 5 times but NEVER the "Cross in the Sand"

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    The media is very liberal and will dig up any dirt it can about republicans. Obama is the one being shielded by the media. He has been involved with so much scandal and said such stupid things, if it were John McCain in his position, he would never live it down much less have any chance at becoming president. McCain was a true war hero. While it was honorable for Kerry to have served in the military, he did not endure as much as McCain did. If there were people who served with McCain who disagreed with McCain's heroism, they would have come out already to the media, just as the swiftboaters did when John Kerry was being called a hero.

  • Patriotism is not one-sided.

    You want a logical answer? Because John Kerry came home and belittled the same men he fought with. I have no problem with him being against the war, it's the way he coddled with Jane Fonda that had people irate. I've yet to see an account of McCain agreeing with Fonda or berating the troops after he was home from war.

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    They're entrenched politicians who will stop at nothing to win. No one wants to question the level of skills John McCain had to fly a plane or that he had crashed 4 planes prior to going down in Hanoi. Apparently, it's okay for John McCain to waste taxpayer money and endanger his and everyone else's lives.

    Sure that was decades ago. However, the Republicans keep bringing up his POW days. Perhaps if he had shown better skills and judgment, he might not have been a POW.

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    mccain was a pow but that in itself didn't make him a hero. the nva offered to let him go because his father was an admiral in the navy and he refused and the torture continued.

    kerry was proven guilty of faking records to get purple hearts and the liberal butt head only spent 5 months out of a 12 month tour in vietnam the navy probably did kerry a favor by sending him back to the states if not maybe his men would have fraged him. he also threw his medals away in protest of the war but later changed his mind and had them replaced.

    so you have to read articles and study each man's background and make up your own mind as to who you would classify the hero.

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    Because John Kerry was a liar. To this day he has not released his conditions of discharge from the Navy. Why? He got Medals by trumping up false/unqualified injuries. These are the same medals he thru away in a phony protest. He is an elitist snob.

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    Here is your logical answer:

    McCain was shot down, beaten, and kept prisoner for 5 1/2 years.

    Kerry got a couple scratches, nominated himself for the Purple Heart medal, and left Vietnam after about 4 months, AND lied about supposed war crimes to Congress when he returned.

    So who would you logically call a patriot?

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    John Kerry was a liar and a traitor to the men and women he served with John McCain is an American Hero.

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    By swift boated, you mean that the people who served with him told the truth about him? John McCain always served honorably, John Kerry lied about his service. Not to mention, he came home from Nam' and started speaking at anti-war gatherings. One of which, he threw his military medals over the white house fence. He was caught on tape doing this, and it was released during the election in 04'. Whatever chance he had was gone once that video came out.

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    Because being a neocon Republican means you have an invisible shield that protects you from any criticism!

    jgoud39/patchouli: McCain did the same thing by making propaganda videos for the enemy--that's worse! He also gave away top secret information that got Americans killed and remains good friends with his captors (who tortured and killed Americans). He ridiculed and chided POW/MIA families for demanding to get more information on their loved ones still missing in Vietnam and defended the North Vietnamese in keeping this information a sercret.

    Source(s): McCain = traitor
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