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10 facts about Spain.?

Sorry to ask you guys but Im really busy doing other homework and i need this for Spanish. The teacher asked us to write 10 facts we know about Spain. SO far i have 1 and its Christopher Columbus is from Spain. So i need 9 more. Thanks guys and I really appreciate it its a easy 10 points!


No my teacher is Ms. Zink and i go to North high school and Im a freshman but thanks guys.

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    Christopher Columbus was NOT from Spain....he was SPONSORED BY SPAIN.

    1) At one time the Spanish Armada controled the seas.

    2) Spain is a full member of NATO.

    3) Spanish explorers lead the exploration of the Americas.

    4) Spain hosted the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona

    5) Franco’s military dictatorship kept Spain OUT of WWII.

    6) Napoleon’s brother Joseph was once a King of Spain.

    7) Spain was once part of the Roman Empire.

    8) King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel united the country and began the process of converting the people to Christianity. The same King and Queen of Columbus' time.

    9) African Muslims once captured and ruled Spain.

    10) Ancient Celts once settled the area of Spain before traveling north to Ireland & Scotland.

    11) Actors Antonio Banderas & Penélope Cruz are from Spain

    12) Famous artists Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso & El Greco are from Spain

    13) Famous explorers Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, Hernán Cortés, Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Juan Ponce de León and Hernando de Soto were from Spain.

    14) Spain settled the FIRST European settlement in what is now the United States, St Augustine, Florida.

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    First of all Christopher Columbus was not a Spaniard, he was Portuguese. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella agreed to be a patron for his voyage to 'find a new route to India'. Fortunately he discovered the new world.

    1.1479- Aragon and Castilla united in the Kingdom of Spain

    2.1492- Spain conquered Moorish settlements around Granada

    3.1494- Treaty of Tordesillas was drafted and signed by Pope Alexander VI legally granting Spain the western half of the New World and Portugal the eastern half.

    4.1512- the Kingdom of Navarre became the unified Kingdom of Spain

    5.1588- the English (Invincible Armada) defeated Spain

    6.1808- Napoleon I of France invaded Spain and captured Madrid.

    7.1898- Spanish-American War

    8.1931- King Alfonso Xlll fled from Spain, and the country became a republic.

    9.1931—1936- Second Spanish Republic (Spain's First Democracy)

    10.In 1996 José María won the general election

    anything else just research it

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    spain has provinces, instead of states

    they use the euro there

    they have weddings late into the night and early morning (the reception i attended didnt start until 2 in the morning)

    everyone smokes

    horchata and sangria are in large supply wherever you go

    i hope that helps somewhat.

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    it has a King.. and Queen

    it has a pop. of 48 million people

    birth place of Fidel Castro's father..

    birthplace of Pablo Picasso..

    shooting location for all spagetti westrens for Clint Eastwood movies..

    capitol is Madrid

    boasts the worlds richest lottery jack pot.. "el Gordo".. 350 million dollars.

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    hey my teacher told me to do the same is your teacher ms davis!

    cool wat if we go to same school

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