Would it be a bad idea to name a baby after an ex?

Suppose I had a baby with someone..yeah. And I named the baby after an ex boyfriend...

What do you think about that?


whoa!! Calm down killers. It was just a question! I'm not having a baby nor am i close to it. I just wanted to hear what yall thought!

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    1 decade ago
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    Yeah, that woudn't be a good idea.

    I told my sister I plan to name my first son (when I choose to have a baby) Christopher because my moms name is Christine. She said she also loves Christopher but she dated a guy named Christian when she was a teenager so she will never use that name.

    I'm assuming the ex meant something to you though. If he was your "boyfriend" in third grade and you just like the name, that wouldn't be as big of a deal. I don't know if you should do it though still. For instance, I "went out" with someone named Zachary when I was a little kid but it was more like hanging out as friends during the summer. So if my husband liked that name I could deal with it because it wasn't as if Zach and I were in love or anything. Plus that is a common name.

    Now, if your ex-boyfriend was someone you were serious with and dated for a while, that's not good.

    Even if it is an amazing name, don't do it. You'll always remember him when you look at your son and your husband (if he knows your old boyfriends name) will know that as well. How would you feel if he was in your position.

    Heck, if my husband suggested a name that he loved and it was one of my ex-boyfriends names I wouldn't want to use it. That'd be complicated.

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    1 decade ago

    You really didn't give enough details in this question. For instance: Why do you want to do such a thing? DO you just like the name or is the person still a good friend or dead? Or are you actually wanting to bc you still have feelings for the guy and you are maybe planning on keeping it a secret from the father? Those are important details that change a lot with the answers. If you just like the name and it is a coincidence then I guess that would be ok or if the guy is dead and your baby's daddy was friends with him and super ok with it then ok... For any other reason... NOPE!! nope

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    If my boyfriend every suggested one of his old girlfriends as the name, and I had to call my baby that for their entire lives, I would end up thinking of how much I'd love the kill his ex for at least the first few years of the babies life. I would be SOOOOOO mad. Don't do that unless both of you agree on it. There are millions of names out there.

  • ksw
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    1 decade ago

    It depends...if you haven't been with that person for awhile and you just happen to like the name, I think it would be fine. If you are naming the baby only because of the ex, I wouldn't do it. One of my ex boyfriend's name is David and I love that name and it wouldn't remind me of him because it's been so long since we have been together.

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  • 1 decade ago

    VERY bad idea! Why would you want to name it after your ex anyways? The actual father may question the paternity seeing as you're naming it after an EXBF. Or was that the idea? Im at a loss for words here....

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    4 years ago

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    If you had no emotional ties to your ex and could think about the name without being reminded of him...same goes for your current boyfriend/partner...then sure, why not? No need to waste a good name!

  • Why would you want to do that? There are so many names out there, just pick another one. Do you really want your baby to remind you of your ex? And how would the dad feel?

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    If you and your ex are still friends or still get along, you could consider it but the thing is, you have to remember that if you name your child after your ex you're never gonna be able to forget that ex-boyfriend.

  • Brat
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    1 decade ago

    I think you just liked the name. So use it if the guy you are with is ok with that. I wouldnt worry what other people say or think about it. Some good names go to those who dont deserve them. LOL. If you like the name go for it.

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