Are my chances at getting in fairly good?

Okay, I'm gunning for the University of Florida. My unweighted GPA is 4.0 and my weighted is a lot more than that. I have plans on joining the Honor Society as well as band. I did well on my PSATs and I've done over 75 hours of community service hours. Are my chances at making it into this University good?

Oh and is 4 hour drive a lot? Like, I don't want to completely remove myself from my family. But this does seem like a lot. (This isn't going to affect my decision. It just saddens me a bit.) Oh and I take a bunch of AP classes and Honors classes.

I ask it in this section because the people from the Higher Education section don't know how to answer a question correctly.


Oh, and another reason is, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! You guys give the best advice in all of Yahoo. ^_^

Update 2:

I also rank pretty well in my class. But all the AP classes I'm taking this year are going to boost me up a lot in terms of rank.

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    Yes, you are in. But why are you worried about it being a 4 hour drive? It is too far to commute no matter what. You a re going to have to move there. It is part of growing up.

    Source(s): It was an ordeal for me when my daughter went away to college four years ago but she has turned into a responsible adult. Well she did after a while anyway. Now she's in grad school and doing alright.
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    oh my gosh! what more could you do!!!! I'm not an expert but you seem to have a pretty good chance of getting in.. just make sure you write a really great essay!

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    u know the answer is yes, silly. lol

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    Wow. Yeah. I would say so.

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    1 decade ago

    you're pretty much in.

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