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Tu parle francais? Mind seeing if I translated right please?

I tried my best and would appreciate any help or advice, I am trying to write a paragraph about vacations en francais. 10 points for any help, Merci! (I left out accents because I don't know how)

Vacations are Necessary because they are relaxing -

--------Les Vacances sont necessaires parce que ils ont detende... (they are relaxing? unsure)

I love hot weather because I can suntan often.

------- J'adore il fait chaud parce que je bronze souvant. (I know il fait chaud means 'it is hot' but I am not sure how to say I like hot weather)

I want to go to Hawaii soon in the summer

--------Je desire aller a Hawaii en ete

Thank you for any help.

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    ... par ce qu'on se detend

    ... j'adore quand il fait chaud par ce que j'aime bronzer souvent

    ... je voudrais voler à Hawaii tot cet été

    The help comes from Italy, guess why?

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    Get the accents by turning "Num Lock" on, then pressing the alt key plus a number on the numeric keypad from 128 to 255. Accented letters are near the beginning of this range but they are in no order whatsoever: it was done as a lazy afterthought by some schmuck who couldn't be bothered to organize it first, and now we're stuck with it!

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