what amendment gave the residents or people living in district of columbia the right to vote.?

also when did these residents receive the right ot vote

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    The District of Columbia received electoral votes in the Presidential Election as a result of the twenty-third Amendment.

    As to voting rights, that is a harder question. Several Amendments (15th, 20th, 24th, and 26th) forbid certain types of discrimination (age, race, gender, poll tax) in voting.

    However, no part of the Constitution actually requires that elections be held in the District of Columbia. Under the Constitution, D.C., as the district of government, is (like the territories) subject to the direct control of Congress. Congress has, for the most part, allowed D.C. and the territories some degree of "home rule." However, if next week, Congress decided to abolish the D.C. government and replace it with a mayor appointed by the President, it could.

    Even the Twenty-third Amendment only provides that electors shall be appointed in the manner established by Congress. If Congress dictated that the electors were to be chosen in a random fashion, that would be permitted by the Constitution.

    In other words, to the extent that Congress authorizes D.C. to have elections, the residents of D.C. have voting rights as a result of the Amendments listed above. However, if Congress decided not to have elections in D.C., nothing in the Constitution would allow the residents of D.C. to complain that their voting rights were being violated.

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