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How would a company benefit by moving its infrastructure to Category 7 STP cabling? ?

what benefits would a company gain by moving its infrastructure to Category 7 STP cabling? do you think the benefits out weighs the initial costs of the upgrade?

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    Well, an analysis of the company has to be considered here and what that company does with the network. If you have 3 or 4 users it won't change much, if you have several hundred it might. Cat 7 (or 6) is just high bandwidth cable and all machines, switches and routers will have to support that speed. Unless there is a reason for high local speeds between the users and the server or other users locally, it really won't gain much!

    If most of the users are internet users, its pure overkill because the internet speed will still be much slower than a 10gbs local system anyway! Adding more bandwidth to the internet would be a better investment in this case.

    Source(s): Lots of networks - TL
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